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What is TSM?

Mark Register explains it all

Team SoloMid is an Esports organization running one of the top League of Legends teams, also a Hearthstone and Super Smash Brothers team, has a reality web series with a team owner personality to fill it and who’s sole mission is to win Riot’s World Championship with captain Bjergsen, Doublelift, Yellowstar, Hauntzer, and Svenskeren.

Here’s their story thus far – In 2009 brothers Andy Dinh “Reginald” & Dan Dinh start a SoloMid community website with resource guides for League of Legends, then in 2011 launch their team All or Nothing with Saintvicious, Reginald, Chaox, TheOddOne, and Locodoco, then replace Locodoco & Saintvicious with The Rain Man & Xpecial then rebrand as Team SoloMid starting competitive play placing 3rd in Riot’s Season 1 Championship, 3rd in ESL Major, 2nd in IEM Cologne, 3rd in MLG, 4th in IGN Pro League, 7th in IEM Global, and 1st in MLG Providence then move into a gaming house in New York.

In 2012 TheRainMan resigns & Dyrus takes his spot, TSM places 3rd in ESL Premier League, 2nd in IEM Global, 1st in Leaguecraft ggClassic, 1st in IPL, 1st in Reign of Gaming International, 1st in MLG Pro Circuit Spring, 1st in Gigabyte Esports LAN, 2nd in MLG Summer Arena, 1st in IPL Face Off, 1st in NA LCS Spring, and 5th in League World Champion Series.

In 2013 TSM produces a web reality series GameCrib with CBS, WildTurtle replaces Chaox, TSM places 1st in NA LCS Spring, 2nd in NA LCS playoffs, 11th in League Worlds, then Bjergsen replaces Reginald.

In 2014 Amazing replaces TheOddOne, Locodoco joins as head coach, Gleebglarbu replaces Xpecial, Lustboy replaces Gleebglarbu, and TSM starts a Hearthstone division with Massan, Trump, and Kripparian, TSM places 2nd in NA LCS Spring, 3rd in NA LCS Summer, 1st in Pax Prime, 1st in NA LCS Finals, and 5th in Worlds but were the only team to attend all four World Championships.

In 2015 Santorin replaces Amazing, Parth Naidu joins as the team analyst, TSM launches their Super Smash Bros division signing Leffen and Zero, they move their game house to LA, TSM places 1st in IEM Katowice, 2nd in NA LCS Finals, 9th in Worlds losing to CLG. Dyrus, Santorin, Kasing, and Lustboy are replaced by Doublelift, Svenskeren, Yellowstar, and Hauntzer with the only veteran remaining, team captain Bjergsen. KC Woods joins as Head Coach and Jarge as Strategic Coach.

TSM an Esports Organization with a dynamic entertaining team on the big stage and behind the scenes.

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