Who are the Immortals?

Who are the Immortals?

Mark Register explains it all

Immortals is an Esports organization run by Noah Whinston as CEO who invested his own money and brought together a diverse group of investors to start a new League of Legends team and plans to expand to Counter Strike and Dota. He and his list of investors are looking for long term sustainable growth by running the organization with the motto professionally owned, passionately run.

Immortals CEO Noah dropped out of Northwestern University to become CEO of Magic the Gathering Card Market where he put together a MTG team and sponsors. After conquering that he saw an opportunity to create a well run NA LCS team focusing on adaptability to new metas and patches, incentivising healthy behavior not mandating it, and building a brand instead of fighting to be number 1. So he brought together investors Peter Levin, Allen Debevoise, Steve Kaplan, Brian Lee, Paul Rappoport, Gregory Milken, Brian Lee, Akinobu Yorihiro, and Linkin Park to fund the organization. Clinton Foy, the managing director of Crosscut Ventures who invested in Vulcun and Super Evil Megacorp who made Vainglory is the chairman for Immortals

In 2015 Immortals acquires Team 8 with their NA LCS spot, Dodo8 retires then comes on as team manager, Goldenglue leaves, While recruiting Huni and Reignover both expressed they were a packaged deal and they would never let go of each other unlike some people I know, Jack. Pobelter, WildTurtle, and Adrian are recruited, Dylan Falco joins as head coach and the same team continues to lead into 2016’s season undefeated and with the fastest game record in NA LCS history at 18 minutes.

Immortals, a new breed of Esports organization with Linkin Park on backup finances.

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