What is Team Liquid?

What is Team Liquid?

Mark Register explains

Team Liquid is a Netherlands based Esports website with 220k active members and 24MM posts, and a multi team organization competing in Starcraft, Dota, Smash Brothers, League of Legends, Counter Strike, Heroes of the Storm, Halo, Hearthstone, and Street Fighter.

In 2001 Victor Goossens Nazgul and Joy Hoogeveen Meat launch Team Liquid’s website becoming the main source of StarCraft-related information on the web.

Team Liquid Pro Gaming Database launches 2007, a tool that gives stats and info on players, teams, maps, and tournaments in all of Esports not just StarCraft.

Liquipedia is now a comprehensive site with articles on players, tournaments, and strategy covering Dota, Starcraft, Counter Strike, Hearthstone, Smash Brothers, Heroes of the Storm, and Overwatch and they also host tournaments including Team Liquid Starleague and Team Liquid Starcraft II Open.

Liquid gets out of the library of Esports history and into the arena when they launch their Starcraft division in 2010 recruiting TLO, Jinro, Haypro, HuK, and Ret.

In 2011 Sheth, Hero, Zenio join, Huk leaves. Hero places 1st in DreamHack Winter.

2012 TaeJa and Sea join, Jinro, Haypro, and Sea retire, Liquid partners with Evil Geniuses for a joint roster for the 2012-2013 SK Planet Proleague. Hero places 1st in DreamHack Winter and 1st in NA StarLeague, TaeJa places 1st in MLG Summer, 1st in ASUS ROG Summer, and 1st in DreamHack Valencia.

In 2013 Snute joins, Nony leaves. Hero places 1st in Premier League, TaeJa places 1st in HomeStoryCup, 1st in ASUS ROG Summer, 1st in DreamHack Bucharest, and 1st in DreamHack Winter.

In 2014 Mana and Bunny join. Hero places 1st in IEM Cologne, TaeJa places 1st in HomeStory Cup, 1st in DreamHack Summer, and 1st in IEM Shenzhem.

In 2016 Team Liquid Starcraft leads with Bunny, Hero, Mana, Ret, Snute, Taeja, TLO, and Vortix.

In 2012 Liquid expands starting their Dota division recruiting FLUFFNSTUFF, TC Cook, ixmike88, BuLba, and Korok.

In 2015 Liquid drops their team and acquires 5JungZ’s roster with Fata-, Jerax, Kuroky, Matumbaman, and mind_control leading with the same team into 2016.

In 2014 Liquid starts their Smash Brothers division with Ken & KoreanDJ.

In 2015 Liquid signs Hungrybox and Nairo, KoreanDJ retires. Hungrybox defeats Armada in DreamHack Winter 2015 in an emotional match where his father who told him he would never be the best just passed.

In 2016 Liquid Smash Brothers leads with Chillin, Hungrybox, Ken, and Nairo.

In 2015 Team Curse Gaming merges under Team Liquid making Steven Arhancet “Liquid112” a co-owner with Nazgul and League of Legends team manager. The acquisition brings Liquid, Curse’s roster with Quas, IWillDominate, Xpecial, Fenix, and Piglet, Keithmcbrief joins and mcbriefly stays for 6 months, TL places 3rd in NA LCS Spring. Later that year Smoothie joins, Xpecial leaves, Quas retires, Locodoco becomes head coach. In 2016 IWillDominate retires, Dardoch and Lourlo joins and L.L.L. or Liquid League of Legends leads with IWillDominate, Fenix, Smoothie, Piglet, and Lourlo with their Liquid Academy Challenger Series team building up new all stars.

In 2015 Liquid acquires the Counter Strike team roster of Denial Esports and leads in 2016 with Adren, Nitr0, Hiko, EliGe, and S1mple.

In 2016 Liquid’s Heroes of the Storm division leads with Vortix, Lucifron, Lowell, Cris, and GerdamHerd. Liquid’s Halo division leads with Ninja, Mikwen, Chig, and Ace. Liquid’s Hearthstone division leads with Savjz, Neirea, Sjow, Dog, and Elky. Liquid’s Street Fighter division leads with NuckleDu.

Team Liquid, writing the history of Esports while fighting to make it in every league.

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