What is Fnatic?

What is Fnatic? Mark Register explains

Fnatic is one of the oldest Esports organizations headquartered in London with top tier teams in CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, and Smite with gaming houses in London, Stockholm, Berlin, and Kuala Lumpur. Fnatic also manufactures and distributes Fnatic branded merchandise, runs Sannpa a digital agency for businesses wanting to invest in Esports brand marketing, and statistically has the best Counter Strike team in the world.

Now here’s a little story I got to tell about Sam and Anne Mathews and Nader Atoui finding Fnatic in 2004 with Freek Frak Tammeling launching their Counter Strike division.

In 2005 Fnatic places 1st in CPL Winter.

In 2009 Fnatic places 1st in IEM Counter Strike.

In 2011 Friis and Karrigan join the team, Carn retires and becomes the Chief Gaming Officer for Fnatic.

In 2012 Fnatic places 1st in Copenhagen Games, 1st in Dreamhack Summer, 1st in Swedish Championships. Trace, Rytter, FYRR73, join the team, Gux retires, Xizt, Karrigan, and FYRR73 leave. Fnatic switches to Counter Strike Global Offensive, and place 3rd in EMS Finals.

In 2013 Xyp9x and Jokern join, Fnatic disbands their Danish team, Fnatic signs former Swag, Yolo, and Bitches team members JW, Devilwalk, MODDII, and Flusha, MODDII leaves. Fnatic places 1st in DreamHack Winter.

In 2014 Krimz and Olofmeister join, schneider leaves.

In 2015 Dennis joins, Pronax leaves. Fnatic places 1st in ESL One Katowice, 1st in ESL ESEA Pro League Finals one and two, 1st in ESL One Cologne, 1st in Faceit Finals, 1st in Fragbite Masters, and 1st in StarLadder i-League StarSeries Finals.

In 2016 the team leads with team members JW, flusha, dennis, KRiMZ, olofmeister, and vuggo as head coach.

For Fnatic’s Dota division our story starts in 2007 when Fnatic recruits Ritter, Melen, Lakuci, Bahamut, and Neo formally playing under team XCN Dota.

In 2008 Fnatic acquires new Dota team with Kwom, Loda, Misery, Kebap-, and Aidar.

In 2012 Fnatic acquires former GamersLeague Dota 2 team but parted after placing 4th in ESWC.

In 2012 Fnatic’s Heroes of Newerth team with NoTail, Nova, Fly, and Era switch to Dota 2 bringing on H4nn1 and Trixi while Nova leaves.

In 2014 the team disbands.

2015 Fnatic starts their Dota 2 team up again acquiring Team Malaysia.

2016 Fnatic leads with with team members Mushi, Ohaiyo (OhHiYo), DJ, and Net.

Fnatic’s League of Legends division starts in 2011 when Fnatic recruits myRevenge’s roster, Wetdream, xPeke, LamiaZealot, Shushei, CyanideFl, Mellisan, and MagicFingers. Wetdream leaves shortly after, Fnatic wins the first Riot Season Championship, places 3rd in IEM Cologne, and 1st IEM New York.

In 2012 Pheilox, Soaz, nRated, and Rekkles join the team, MagicFingers, Shushei, Mellisan, and Pheilox leave, Lamia retires, Fnatic places 1st in DreamHack Winter, 2nd in IGN ProLeague, and 2nd in IEM Cologne.

In 2013 YellowStar joins, nRated is released, Fnatic places 3rd in IEM Katowice, 1st in EU LCS Spring, 1st in EU LCS Summer, 3rd in Riot’s World Championship, 2nd in IEM Cologne.

In 2014 Fnatic places 2nd in IEM’s World Championship, 1st in EU LCS Spring, 3rd in All-Star Paris, Toyz joins as coach, Rekkles, xPeke, and Cyanide leave.

In 2015 Huni, Reign over, Steelback, Febiven, and Rekkles join, Soaz and Steelback leave, Fnatic places 1st in EU LCS Spring, then run undefeated for the summer season collecting their 5th EU LCS title more titles than any other team when they place 1st in EU LCS Summer Split. Huni, Reignover, and YellowStar leave, Noxiak, Spirit, and Gamsu join.

In 2016 Fnatic’s League of Legends team leads with Gamsu, Spirit, Febiven, Rekkles, Noxiak, and head coach Deilor.

In 2016 Fnatic’s Heroes of the Storm team leads with Ménè, Breez, Quackniix, Smexystyle.

In 2016 Fnatic’s Smite team leads with Zyrhoes, Badgah, Maniakk, Realzx, CaptainTwig.

Fnatic a global Esports business with a powerhouse Counter Strike & League of Legends team to build their brand name.

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