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Stephen Ellis “Snoopeh” talks with Mark Register on how to keep a level head throughout emotional times in the spotlight:

Stephen Ellis – How do you keep a level when extreme emotions are being thrown at you?

So my life was very public from the moment I went pro which was when I was nineteen, and at same time I was dealing with some adversity in my life and having to control my emotions.

So my dad passed when I was 19 and I was having to deal with that and learning to control my emotions.

I don’t think I ever told this story…or maybe I did…but when I flew to China to compete in a tournament, I came back the next day and my dad passed that day. I was due to fly out four days later to complete at another tournament in New York Comic Con so I flew from China back to the UK the day after my dad passed and then I flew from the UK four days later into New York to compete at IEM New York.

I didn’t tell any of my teammates, I didn’t tell my manager, I just went there and competed and we did very well. We placed second at the tournament and yeah the team was really happy and after that incident I just kind of learned how to control my emotions a little better. And that’s carried onto my career as well as a pro gamer.

I’ve dealt with various different things…when we have a bad game we have so many fans and we have to somewhat explain that to the fans and there is an element of that.

I went through my own PR training, I self educated myself in PR when we’re communicating with the community or the fans on why we went through a loss at such-and-such a tournament or we have to think about a roster change or we’re thinking about leaving CLG and going to EG.

I was teaching myself all the skill sets and how to communicate, how to interact with the community and how do you keep a level head through all of that? I guess I just I realized that emotion or showing your emotion in a negative light in the community is never going to be rewarding.

I’ve seen people destroy themselves, their careers essentially because they let go of their emotions in public on social media, on Reddit, or whatever and you just have to really learn to rein that in.

When I went into business with Unikrn, there were times at Unikrn I would have the worst day ever…I’d be like “Rahul I can’t stand this, what are we doing!” or or Bryce whoever I was working with, “I can’t stand this!” and I would be aggravated and then I had to learn within the business environment to start controlling my emotions and how to communicate effectively.

I think it’s just a self-taught skill and I think it’s a very valuable one, and one I would hope to maintain for the rest of my career.

Mark Register – That’s a good answer.

Stephen Ellis – I wrote that down beforehand.

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