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Snoopeh talks with Mark Register about the Collegiate Esports world and what should be done next:

My thoughts on Collegiate Sports are it’s going to be a very important avenue for breeding and farming talent in the future. I think some teams are looking at it but the infrastructure and support around that is relatively weak right now.

TESPA is a fantastic organization in Collegiate Esports and Riot is now allocating more resources to collegiate and have created the ULOL, which has been received very well by campuses across North America. I think in the coming years Collegiate sports is going to be a huge avenue.

I wonder will even the NCAA get involved for example in the coming years. Collegiate gaming in Esports is becoming much bigger. We see clubs in every major university, I would argue every University across North America has some form of club surrounding gaming even more niche in Esports now. I believe it’s going to become more prominent in the coming years.

I would love…I’m looking at this right now actually…is it possible for schools to provide more infrastructure and support like funding for these gaming clubs. I would love to see them just give space for example, not necessarily scholarships for gamers but just create a space where they can go and play once a week.

It requires a full comprehensive deck to pitch them and show the added value and everything it would affect. They care about their admission rate and all these various other things that show ROI on them doing that. But I would love to see universities across the US start to provide more infrastructure and support for the gaming community.

Not necessarily Esports as a niche but gaming more broadly. I think it’s becoming a very widely accepted entertainment or passion for a lot of people out there.

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