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Stephen Ellis “Snoopeh” talks to Mark Register about why contract windows for players need to increase and players are undersold because they don’t know their value

Mark Register – So how much time do players need to be able to seek and be available for new contracts and when are we going to see that window be available and increase?

Stephen Ellis – In the latter part of that question, when are we going to see the transfer window increase? I don’t know, I think I would hope that it’s towards the end of this year going into 2017, I would like to see that happen.

Is it necessary? It very much is.

Right now…and I love Riot to bits, I’m a huge advocate of theirs, but sometimes they screw up.

I think one of the areas that is their weaknesses is the transfer window for players. It’s actually not good for the organization and it’s definitely not good for the players.

There has to be a longer window in which players can explore free agency and organizations have a better opportunity to pick up talent and I also I don’t agree with the situation with Rick Fox’s team Echo Fox buying up a slot, it shouldn’t happen that late in the day.

I don’t agree with the buying and selling of slots I think it’s a bad thing in general but there should be…if they’re going to allow that system there should be ample time for players and teams to put together rosters and that was extremely rushed and detrimental to competitive integrity.

It’s just bad for the scene in general when we have players that don’t have visas. They’re having to miss out on playing or they’re playing illegally, it’s just is very bad for the industry to allow that to happen. I think that’s the responsibility of Riot to make sure that something like that can’t happen, then the transfer window for players has to be longer and players have to have the ability to speak more freely about their options right now.

It just seems that the power dynamic has shifted in favor of the organizations when looking to pick up talent and I would love for players to feel like they have more of a voice or say in their future…and also understand their value.

Players sometimes just feel lucky, unless you’re the top top player some players just feel lucky to be involved in playing. But some of them have a larger case than they know they have and could be getting 3-4X as much as they’re getting and also may have five different teams they could join but they just don’t know.

It’s really important to help players understand their value and just create a longer window for for them to explore those options.

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