Importance of 1 on 1s in Esports | KC Woods

KC Woods talks with Mark Register about what lessons he learned from the TSM players

Mark Register – What is it that the players taught you?

KC Woods – The players basically taught me everything that I was learning the whole time I was there.

Interacting with them, everything I learned about myself, everything I learned about coaching, was from interacting with them…everything was directed from the players.

I was learning constantly about them and their motivations and how they worked and how they learned.

I also learned a lot about myself, I learned about what types of things work in coaching.

For example, I really learned the value of one on ones with the players.

At first I had an idea of how I wanted the one on ones to go then I changed it as things went on and learned it’s probably the most effective way to talk to players and get to the root of things.

When you’re talking in a group you don’t want to waste the group’s time or players aren’t really talking about things they want to talk about.

At first I thought the one on ones would just give me feedback from the players on how the week went, but then they turned into the most important learning times where I could really talk to them about, “what’s the problem, let’s come up with a plan, we’re going to work on this, this is how I’m going to keep you accountable, these are the things I’m going to focus on and bring up.”

I learned different coaching styles and ways I can coach.

That’s just one thing I found to be effective by learning from the players.

Anything I did was a learning experience.

I would do it, then I would get feedback from their body language or how they would respond whether positively or negatively.

It was constant learning every single day from the players. You can read them really well.

The way to be an effective coach is to know how to read every single player. You can know how to coach a team but to really know how to coach is to know how to coach each player individually.

That’s something that I was working on every single day.

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