Esports Nutshell Highlights March 4, 2016

Esports Nutshell Highlights, your release from this week’s build up with Mark Register

In League of Legends NA LCS Immortals vs CLG

  • Darshan charges Huni in the bottom lane, Huni retreats to the safety of his tower but he wants blood, Xmithie flanks him joining Darshan even under the firepower of Huni’s tower, CLG claims Huni. Reignover looks for retribution but finds himself in a two on one he can’t take, retreats but goes down.
  • Aphromoo, Stixxay, and Darshan look to get the jump on Wild Turtle and Adrian in the top lane but they turn the tables when they have their minions, a tower, and Reignover as reinforcement, CLG knowing they are outgunned retreat but loose Aphromoo, and chase down Darshan before he can get back to safety.
  • Pobelter, WildTurtle, and Reignover working on the Baron, while Xsmithie like a vulture waiting to get that last hit, miraculously gets it, completely turning the tables to CLG’s favor, oh man are they pissed, doesn’t matter, Darshan whizzing towards Immortals’ nexus from the bottom lane, ignoring Huni and Adrian’s attempt to distract him and wins this adrenaline pumping match, watch this whole match, it’s the most exciting one I’ve seen this year from NA LCS, CLG for the win.

In Drone Racing League, RekRek vs Furadi vs Hazak vs Spaztik

  • Furadi bites the dust on the corner turn.
  • Hazak close on RekRek’s tail moves into the interior portion of the race, RekRek stays calm and steady, Hazak getting a little aggressive with his piloting but it gains him the lead for a moment only to lose it again, Hazak back on track to take the lead trying to cut his corners just a little more, so close to RekRek in this race, he gains the lead only to take a nosedive into the stands, RekRek for the win.

In Heroes of the Storm ETS EU Final NaVi vs Team Liquid

  • Navi and Team Liquid meet head on in the top lane, Lowell & Jowe from Liquid fall giving Na’Vi the lead.
  • Navi taking the Golem after Team Liquid tries to steal it they make them pay pummeling into Jowe, losing Granpkt, but grab Lowell as well.
  • Then the whole team goes to chase Cris down, ice block him and shatter him.
  • Navi dominating this match push into Team Liquid in the mid lane rapidly diminishing Cris’ health to 0, blowing away Lowell, and picking off Shad from the remaining heard giving him a proper burial.
  • For the rest of these games, Navi doesn’t play around they get straight to the point so they can move on to the next team, Navi for the win.

In OverWatch GoSugamers weekly EU IDDQD vs Reunited

  • Mendokushaii as Genji not even using his ultimate takes out Chipshajen with swift strike, Nbrgibup with Shuriken, InternetHulk with a Shuriken, and Taimou with swift strike.
  • Taimou as McCree gets the deadeye shot on Twoeasy, Morte, and Mendokushaii, uses his good old fashioned peacekeeper to take out Winghaven.
  • Unfixed as Reaper, hiding in the shadows leaps into the light of fire and spreads his death blossom to Pluppie, Chipshajen, Nbrgibup, Taimou, and Internet Hulk, then clears the last remaining team member CoCo with a blast from his hellfire shotgun.
  • In the end IDDQD for the win.

In Smite Pro League EU Team Astro vs Team Leftovers

  • Badgah & Cherryo pushing the mid lane, Jungler from the sky comes into dish out the damage but Astro overpowers them taking out Badgah and Cherryo.
  • Team Leftovers thinking they can get Astro while they are occupied but they immediately regret that decision when they set their sights on them and destroy jungler, Cherryo, Nika, and Arkkyl.
  • Astro and Leftovers charge into a barrage of quick deaths with Cherryo killing Rapio, Nika taking out Sanjo, and Duck3y slays Jungler.
  • Leftovers working on the Fire Giant, Nika taking on more than he can chew runs back to his team, bringing both teams together, Leftovers take the Fire Giant, Leftovers take Rapio, Duck3y, Sanjo, chase down Zigox, and Wlfy eliminating Leftover’s entire army, leaving them no home and the game goes to Astro.

In World of Tanks Finals eClipse vs SIMP

  • SIMP moving up the hill, eClipse on either side of the hill, taking fire, eClipse moves clockwise as SIMP moves counterclockwise, eClipse hiding behind the hill prariedogging it, continuing to take heavy damage, continuing to fall back as SIMP chase them round the bend, eClipse trying to flank SIMP’s rear only to see two tanks waiting for them, then they rush around while the main front continues, taking out one tank and getting eClipse’s behind.
  • Then chases down their last tank for the win.
  • Nitts blows up Masterpupil leaving the match as a one on one, Diabetic taking cover behind a boulder, Nitts approaches, plays ring around the rosey but Diabetic loses.
  • Eclipse makes an invigorating comeback bringing the fight to SIMP in the ninth round, SIMP trying eClipse’s rear, loses a tank, eClipse continues the push counter clockwise, the battle now spread between two locations, eClipse with a 5 to 3 advantage, losing one more, then another, and Overload Prime is the last hope, but there is no home for SIMP, eClipse takes the win and $75k.

In Counter Strike MLG Columbus Qualifier C9 vs Renegades

  • Skadoodle with the marksmanship taking out Spunj with his pistol, gets Yam to within an inch of his life, scares off AZR, then finishes Yam, taking it to a one on one, takes two missed shots, argh!, AZR cuts the streak.
  • JKS has no idea that Freakazoid is coming for him, but Freakazoid has no idea he’s going to get flanked on his right.
  • Skadoodle an arms length away from JKS in the smoke, just take the shot!, Yam says, here let me.
  • Shroud headshots AZR, headshots JKS, body shots Ustilo, Ustilo headshots Shroud.
  • Skadoodle with the sniper rifle, shhh, we’re hunting rabbits, there’s one, easy piezy, “you can tell by the way I use my walk, I’m a woman’s man to time to” get shot.
  • JKS in a 2v1 with a molotov cocktail making it a 0v1.
  • Another 2v1 shroud defies the odds taking out Yam and from the high ground Ustilo.
  • In the end Cloud 9 for the win.

In Dota Shanghai Major Virtus Pro vs Team Liquid

  • Virtus in the bottom lane moving up with Liquid from the jungle on the left, with a snowball, magic missile, and sunbeam Virtus losing three heroes to Liquids one hero.
  • Again in the bottom lane, dkphobos being chased down by Fata, both teams come join in, Liquid catches G in the chronosphere, and slay four heroes without a single loss.
  • Liquid bringing the fight to Virtus in the Dire Jungle, taking the game winning lead at this point with three kills then chases down Lil, after that there wasn’t much to do other than take the Dire ancient, Team Liquid for the win.

In Hearthstone Pro Gaming League Spring Tavern Tales Grand Final MooDy vs xTracKyStyLe

  • xTrackyStyle drawing “mad scientist,” weakens two of Moody’s creatures and bomb kills his 4/3 spider, casts “knife juggler” which is brutal when he casts “unleash the hounds” summoning 5 hounds, dealing out 5 damage with each hound, summons his “mad scientist” then destroys the last of Moddy’s creatures and brings him down to 7 health putting the match in his pocket.
  • Moody drawing “Azure Drake,” casts “savage roar” giving his creatures +2 attack, creates 3 new tree creatures with 4/2 each, destroying xTrackyStyle for the round.
  • xTrackyStyle draws “divine favor,” drawing four cards, casting “Loatheb,” and brings Moody to 4 health, taking the round.
  • In the end xTrackyStyle for the win.

In Starcraft Tespa Collegiate Series KANSAS vs ILLINOIS

  • Kansas throwing disruptor disco balls into Illinois court teasing a battle until they go in for the kill and Illinois relinquishes the game.
  • Illinois bringing the roach fight to Kansas but bounce off like a rubber ball on glass, Kansas turns the beat around and bulldozes through their remaining forces and takes the match.
  • Illinois again bringing the fight to Kansas’ main base and gets so close but their attempt is thwarted and their infestation is exterminated crowning Kansas the winner of this game.

In Call Of Duty World League Chiefs vs Tainted Minds

  • Eminence exudes his eminence over the Chiefs in his happy little room adding Rival to his kill list, then Maca, keeps his cool waiting for the next sucker to come by, Macka is that sucker, Eminence thinking it’s time to leave the farm but Rival says, you should have never left the farm.
  • Eminence again with the acrobatics against three mows them all down, Hopey, Dean, and Rival.
  • Talk about getting the high ground, Damage sees an angel overhead but unfortunately for him it’s the angel of death Hopey.
  • Macka shows Eminance the stairway to heaven unfortunately he went the wrong way.
  • In the end the Chiefs for the win.

Congratulations you just watched 11 games and 13 hours of broadcast Esports footage in under 15 minutes.

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