Reginald’s Leadership Style | KC Woods

KC Woods talks with Mark Register about Andy Dinh Reginald’s leadership style –

Mark Register – What did you learn from Andy Dinh Reginald?

KC Woods – The players really respect Andy.

He’s one of those people that does know how to do it all.

He’s really smart about the macro game, he knows exactly what needs to be fixed, can identify it super fast, tell the players in a super plain way that they can understand, then how to fix it.

He also understands how to get the players to buy in and motivate them. His style is super direct.

He’s also pretty harsh but the players understand that it’s because he’s really invested in them and he cares about them and wants them to get better, so they take it really well.

It’s not like they take it and get all down about it. They really listen to what he has to say.

At the same time he doesn’t have enough time to run TSM, coach, and everything else.

What I learned from him was to be more direct and use that style more.

At first I wanted to get the players to be more self motivated to do those types of things, having them understand what they are doing, then have them follow through, and help them motivate themselves.

Watching him, observing him, I realized his style really does work with these players and it also makes them respect you. Once they see those things start working, they just respect you more.

That’s the kind of stuff I learned from Andy, how to be more respected from the players and his work ethic.

It wore off on everybody.

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