Talent Pool & Longevity Boost from TESPA | KC Woods


KC Woods talks with Mark Register about TESPAs contribution to the Esports Talent Pool and Longevity

Mark Register – Do you have any thoughts on TESPA?

KC Woods – I think it’s really cool.

From a marketing standpoint it’s really cool because these are the people that you’re trying to recruit.

If you want to have long term success with a game, you need to have high school and college age kids to be really into the game and to be as attached to the game as possible.

When you have different leagues, you’re playing from little league, to high school, to college…now those kids are life long followers.

They’ve invested for a long time into the game they’ve been playing and then they’re able to continue following it after that by living through watching the pro athletes.

So having different leagues especially in college, gives another way to get emotionally attached and really want to follow the game…it keeps the game around with a long term goal.

In terms of having a farm system or having a way for talent to grow it’s also really great.

You have the very top point whatever percent that can play in LCS, so having more competitive places that players can play and work on strategy and have some sort of infrastructure for success then it just creates a bigger talent pool for LCS to have.

It’s kind of a problem only having the Challenger Series, it’s about having more and starting younger.

College is about Challenger Series age but it’s just better to have more places for competitive play, it adds to the talent pool and allows for people to get better.

So from a marketing standpoint, increasing the talent pool, and having the game last longer, I think it’s great.

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