Who are the LA Renegades?

Who are the Renegades?

Mark Register explains it all

LA Renegades is an Esports organization owned by a real life Riot outlaw and an Esports celebrity running a League of Legends and Counter Strike team.

Our story starts with a patent litigation lawyer who has an epiphany after a car accident nearly claiming his life, Chris Badawi realizes he wants to do something he believes in instead of just working a job. What does he believe in? The Tencent, Riot, League of Legends gods or as they say champions.

In 2015 Chris Badawi makes his dream come true when he launches his team Misfits recruiting Alex Ich, Crumbzz, Remi, RF Legendary, and Intense. Intense leaves, “Save me Jebus” joins.

The team rebrands as Renegades and Chris Mykles “MonteCristo” joins as a co-owner. Jebus leaves.

Riot Games forces Chris Badawi to leave the team and give up his stake in the team for 1 year after Riot claims the owner inappropriately attempted to persuade contract players to join his team.

Renegades acquires Australian Counter Strike team Vox Eminor and play in the first ELeague tournament leading with Spunj, AZR, Ustilo, JKS, and Yam.

In 2016 Freeze joins and the Renegades qualify for NA LCS making Remi the first woman to qualify in the league’s history.

Renegades launch a European LCS team renaming them Renegades Banditos.

In 2016 Remi retires, Alex Ich & Flaresz are traded, and Renegades lead with RF Legendary, Crumbz, Seraph, Freeze, and Hakuho.

LA Renegades, the real life gang of a criminal, celebrity, and great players ready to strike gold in the old western League of Legends.

Here is additional information provided by jon99867 on reddit and Rob Lee 

  • Renegades current roster leads with Seraph, Crumbz, Ninja, Freeze, Hakuho, Maplestreet as sub, David Tu as Head Coach, Hussain Moosvi as Assistant Coach, and Hussain Moosvi as Analyst
  • Renegades staff also include Rob Lee as General Manager and Matt Akhavan as Assistant Manager
  • Renegade’s Gigantic team leads with dougthedoug, BixLe, Samurai Ed, SkippyFo, Scougie, and Kittenblazer as manager
  • Renegade’s Halos team leads with Spartan, Ninja, Victory, and StelluRBraedon, and Kory Arruda as Head Coach
  • Badawi is pronounced like battery
  • The “o” in Hakuho’s name is pronounced as a long o
  • The team has always been almost as much about the players as it has about the team itself. There are rich players’ stories with their struggles.
  • Before making it to the NA CS, the Misfits won the Alphadraft Challenger League competition.
  • Intense left the team because he didn’t fit in the team synergy wise. He was also “forced” to leave the team early because when the manager of the Misfits had announced his leaving the team (Mason Long), he mentioned Intense’s troubles within the Misfits in the twitlonger post.
  • There’s no mention of Maplestreet even though he was an integral part to the team’s success in the NA CS and the promotion tournament to get into the LCS, as well as no mention of Flaresz.
  • You made it seem like the Renegades bought the team from Vox Eminor when that squad had actually just been dropped, and then picked up by the Renegades.
  • Havoc was not mentioned being on the team.

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