Esports Organizations doing more with less | KC Woods

KC Woods talks with Mark Register about the Esports organizations growing to be more like traditional sports organizations:

Mark Register – What are the big differences between physical sports organizations and Esports organizations?

KC Woods – Esports is still in its infancy so I don’t think conceptually they’re much different.

If there was more money coming from media and all those different ways that traditional sports get their income, then I think it would be a lot more similar, but since it’s still in its infancy, it’s trying to figure out where it’s going and how much longer it has.

Sponsors don’t want to have a ten year TV deal with Twitch because, how much longer is this going to last? You never know.

Past games have disappeared after a couple of years.

So infrastructure is getting better.

A few years ago there weren’t even coaches and they’re just trying to figure it all out. So in terms of the organizations, some teams like TSM have Reggie who was a player then he created this brand that is doing really well and he’s running the brand and same with his brother, they’re not necessarily trained businessmen.

They’ve done a really good job and they are really good businessmen, but when you have a sports organization with 50 year old general managers and a president of operations, interns, and all these different people going down the line, huge front offices, they’re obviously in a much better situation to have all the resources available to them to make sure it’s successful and everything is running smoothly.

And then it also goes into the actual coaching staff and what they need. They just have so much more available to them.

Esports are basically trying to do everything they can with a lot less but it’s still with tons of fans and a really big following. They’re doing a really good job and the teams have done a lot with a lot less but I think those are the biggest differences…we’re still in the infancy stage, there’s still a lot more room to grow, and the infrastructure has a lot more room to grow as well.

But sports have just been around for longer, are established, and everyone knows they’re going to stick around.

Basketball and football aren’t going anywhere in the next four to five years.

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