Esports Nutshell Highlights | March 11, 2016

Esports Nutshell Highlights, your release from this week’s build up with Mark Register


In Counter Strike ESL IEM Katowice Fnatic vs Luminosity Gaming

  • FER sees the barrel of JW’s gun but what he doesn’t see is that it’s Dennis’ bait for him.
  • FNX in a 3 on 1 has no hope in his cove but he gets Flusha, Dennis mid air, and Krimz for a heart pumping triple kill comeback.
  • Flusha throwing a smoke grenade for cover, FNX enjoying the clear view of him mowing down Olofmeister, Flusha, and take JW down to an inch of his life, then takes the inch.
  • Krimz with the bomb planted fending off 3, takes out FER, grabs Fallen, ahhh but FNX gets the last shot
  • Flusha now is not the time to tie your shoe.
  • Taco on the retreat cleans up Krimz, sets up his shot for Flusha, repels Dennis, and double taps the already tapped Olofmeister.
  • Flusha gets the jump on chick chick.
  • After the smoke clears Coldzera with a steady hand and a blind eye, JW comically backs up into him until he realizes the ridiculous situation and remedies it.
  • JW sings “there FNX just walking up the stairs singing” boom shakalaka.
  • In the end Fnatic in overtime for the win.

In League of Legends ESL IEM Katowice SK Telecom T1 vs Fnatic

  • Duke gets ganked under his own tower.
  • Spirit picking a fight with Wolf, his reinforcements come in, Fnatic retreats and their instigation costs them Spirit and Rekkles.
  • Fnatic again the instigators chasing down Duke until the tides change and they “lose Spirit”, and say ah shoot let’s get out of here, but Faker and his team want to have some fun with the boys taking out Rekkles, Febiven gets Wolf, but Klaj falls, Gamsu goes down, and Febevin drowns, SKT gets 5 for Fnatics 1.
  • How many Fnatics does it take to take down a Faker, four Fnatics.
  • SK Telecom T1 at this point just wiping the map with Fnatic’s champions but they get two kills for SKT’s four, Bang runs because he’s hanging by a thread, Klaj chases him down, Duke & Wolf come to Bang’s aid, now it’s Klaj running for his life but he still takes out Wolf, but in the end Duke takes the Klay kill but unfortunately for Fnatic that will be the last kill they get before SKT takes 5 more kills and the tournament, SK Telecom T1 for the win.

In Hearthstone ESL IEM Katowice akaWonder vs SilverName

  • akawonder casting Void Terror to form an 8/8 creature, and serendipitously for SilverName he draws Execute, damages the creature with Inner Rage making him 10/7 all the more enjoyable to watch him fall with Execute.
  • SilverName Swiping akaWonder taking three of his creatures, withstands some mine damage, but also claims Dr. Boom Doom.
  • akaWonder gets the card he’s been waiting for, Savage Roar, plays Force of Nature getting three 2/2 Treants, imbuing them with +2 attack with that Savage Roar, winning him the tournament. akaWonder for the win.

In Starcraft ESL IEM Katowice Snute vs Polt

  • Snute after keeping heavy pressure on Polt throughout the game limiting him to only two command centers, he charges into Polts’ north base with his army of Zerglings and Roaches. Once he takes out his army and last bunker, he only has to take out another tank and he does and picks up the game win.
  • In the second round Snute and Polt continuously hurl mountainous armies against each other in this action packed round until Polt makes his last full front attack on Snute with around 1.5k gas and minerals more than Snute, and unfortunately Snute can not hold him off and relinquishes the game to Polt.
  • Polt comes in and exterminates Snute’s 3rd base, Snute almost takes out Polt’s army but can’t and Polt continue into Snute’s 3rd base, Polt falls back as reinforcements trickle in ending in a stalemate. Polt gives one last push forward with his Marauder army and takes the win.
  • Polt stimming up his troops for war, Snute covers his enemy in bile and it eats away until Polt’s offense is no more. Snute taking his opportunity pushes into Polt’s weak base and takes the win.
  • Snute with an impressive tank, marine, and air force meets with Polt on Snute’s turf but Polt will corrode away at those tanks, marines, and airforce weakening him beyond repair. Polt for the win.

In Call of Duty World League NA Pro Division Team EnVyUs vs Team SoloMid

  • Havoc already taking out ColeChan, takes out his own teammate Slasher but makes up for it on his rampage taking out PacMan, ColeChan again, jumps into the second floor taking whea7s, “he’s on fire!” PacMan puts him out.
  • Whea7s picks off Slasher on the roof, TeePee, sees Havoc and takes him out, jumps in to get more of the action and he gets it, Jkap gives him a “pow right in the kisser.” In the end, Team Envyus for the win.

In Smash Melee Grand: Kage The Warrior with Ganondorf Vs. Plank with Sheik

  • Plank with those strong legs keeps Kage off the map.
  • Pank again with those Sheik legs of his gives Ganondorf 9 kicks until he finally has enough.
  • Plank continues to show us the way to edge guard taking Kage off again.
  • Kage with the up tilt charging up in the wrong direction, Plank watches then takes his shot.
  • But as great of a show Plank puts on with Sheik, it’s Kage the Warrior with Ganondorf that takes this tournament.

In Dota Shanghai Major Secret vs Liquid

  • Matumbaman in Secret’s crosshairs slowly but surely falls, FATA, Kuroky, and Jerax look to reinforce, but Secret overtakes Jerax and chase down FATA, W33 gets the Shackleshot and then takes out FATA.
  • Secret surrounds Liquid and one by one take out four of their heroes, Kuroky, Matumbaman, Fata, and Jerax.
  • Liquid running back to the Radiant with their tail between their legs, they obliterate Matumbaman, Mind Control, and Kuroky, Jerax looks for help but help is dead or trying to survive.
  • Secret shows complete dominance over this game with Liquid only getting 3 kills in this match to Secret’s 26, Team Secret for the win.

In Heroes of the Storm Dorm UT San Antonio Stitches Booty v DUKE’s Lil Pope

  • Stitches giving stitches but no killing blows to Lil Pope until one by one, Ragnar, Lucky Tiger, DrunkNDonuts which by the way the best way to eat a donut, and Loose Moose.
  • Lil Pope engages in battle with Stitches Booty, Heroes falling left and right, MoltenIron, DrunknDonuts, DaleCooper, LooseMoose, LuckyTiger, but it’s StarvingGoat all by his little self that claims the altar delivering the final blow to Lil Pope’s core.
  • LooseMoose has got some serious guts but his eyes are bigger than his mouth biting off more than he can chew, while taking on the mercenary camp KazNachos enjoys watching LooseMoose put in the hard work only to gank him in a 5 on 1.
  • Stitches get Lil Pope’s core to 5% but lose their entire team to the effort, so close.
  • Lil Pope kicks them while they are down and takes the round.
  • Stitches Booty wraps this one up with the win and good news everyone…now that Colleges are playing competitive Esports when your buddy says, hey you catch that Duke game this weekend, you can honestly say, yes I did Ben Lieb, go sports.

In Overwatch GoSuGamers weekly Arcane vs Mixup

  • SeaGull as JunkRat takes out Kruise with the Frag launcher, and revs up his rip tire into the field rolling over Ruster and exploding into Sanchez & Lullaby then frags and concussion mines VRS.
  • SeaGull the powerplayer of this game now with Genji takes a swift strike straight through Lullaby’s heart, summons his Dragonblade and cuts through the thick of things including Sanchez and Kruise.

And that’s it, 66 players, 18 teams, 10 hours, and 9 games in under 15 minutes, very nice, high five 🙂

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