Why Having 140+ Diverse Universities is Good For Tespa | Warren Lee

Warren Lee talks with Mark Register about the importance of working with a diverse group of universities

Mark Register – What’s been your experience working with different universities?

Warren Lee – They’re all very different and that’s a good thing.

When we have a problem as large as putting on a massive event, you really need different eyes looking at it. Because whatever is the case in the location you are may not be the case somewhere else.

For example the event that we’re doing right now. Our community that we’re servicing, extends all the way from Texas to Florida, and that’s a large distance.

So we’ve had to deal with all things about logistics, how to get players to certain places, where’s a good place for the venue, how do we do marketing, which audiences are we talking to?

It’s all these really big factors. When you have so many different voices coming from so many universities, it gives you the most accurate depiction of what the problem actually is and also gives you the best way to find that answer as well.

Mark Register – It’s like GPS coordinates, you have three different points in order to get the point you’re actually trying to get to.

Warren Lee – Yeah. Because we really don’t want to leave people out of the conversation. Whenever an event happens, that’s a product of the community.

So it’s very important to us that everyone has a voice in it.

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