Going Pro after College Esports | Warren Lee

Warren Lee talks with Mark Register about going pro after college Esports

Mark Register – How are players transitioning from college teams to pro teams?

Warren Lee – If we were to talk about typical sports is a very normal line where you say, ok I’m done with my collegiate career I’m going to go pro. Provided that I get picked up by a pro team.

Most of the times, I think Rick Fox actually spoke a little about it as well…he was surprised that a lot of these players that are playing for him don’t have their college tuition covered.

That’s also why Heroes of the Dorm, one of the biggest prizes was paid tuition, we view that education is important.

In Esports, when is your time to be a professional players and when is the time to be a collegiate player?

Sometimes they overlap because these skill sets, you can be competition at a tournament hundreds of miles away from the comfort of your desk but that doesn’t change the fact about how much time you have to put in for preparation.

These things don’t change.

So trying to find that middle point of when it’s appropriate to be a collegiate player or when to be a pro player, is probably a problem we’re not ready to answer yet, we’re still trying to find that solution.

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