Esports Nutshell Highlights | March 18, 2016

Esports Nutshell Highlights, your release from this week’s build up with Mark Register


In League of Legends NA LCS NRG vs Team Liquid

  • Impact and Lourlo on equal footing in the bot lane until Moon comes in from the mighty jungle, Lurol knowing he is out manned runs back to get cover under his tower but Moon chases him down past his minions and up to his tower and gets the takedown
  • Poor Lourlo again overextended alone finds Moon chasing him down with GBM helping him with a crushing blow
  • KonKwon in the mid lane pushing Team Liquid back with the rest of his team flanking their left side quickly bringing Dardoch to dust, they get Piglet to almost nothing, but he takes cover, Fenix and Matt with their tower hold them back but GBM honeybadgers Fenix, takes Matt, oh my gosh triple please! Ah! The tower gets him and Piglet runs free
  • NRG coming up from the jungle into the mid lane focuses their efforts on Dardoch, taking Matt out in the process, Dardoch is able to retreat to safety, Lourlo holds them off under the tower until Piglet and Fenix come to support pushing NRG out and eliminate KonKwon, Impact, and continues to chase Altec to his last breath
  • Team Liquid with four team members on the Baron…Moon comes in and says I need dis, and sacrifices his life for an amazing steal, NRG comes in to mop up Piglet after his whole team is weakened from the Baron, and take out Fenix and Matt
  • Impact anchors Fenix to initiate NRG’s first push into Team Liquid’s base taking Matt and Lurlo, loose Impact, then take the mid turret, and Dardoch dies in the fire
  • NRG in their second and last push into Team Liquid destroy the top turret, lose GBM, take Fenix, Lourlo, Piglet, Matt, Dardoch runs with minimal health only to watch his Nexus fall, NRG for the win

In Dota We Play Mineski vs Fnatic

  • MidOne clearly outnumbered rightly runs for safety, JessieVash out for blood ignores the turret but he shouldn’t because it kills him
  • After slaying Roshan, Fnatic wants more, Raging Potato brings down 343, MidOne kills Julz & Ohaiyo
  • At the edge of the Dire base, MidONe kills Kuku, Mushi kills Raging Potato
  • In the bot lane, MidOne crushes Cast under the rolling meteorite, MidOne kills Julz with the fire from it, blocked by the ice wall Raging Potato runs but he can’t hide, Ohaiyo’s” gonna find you, and make you want me” MidOne gets one more with JessieVash for a triple
  • In the bot lane entering Mineski’s base MidOne kills Kuku, Ohaiyo kills Cast, MidOne kills Raging Potato, Net kills JessieVash, and the Dire Ancient falls, Fnatic for the win

In Overwatch GoSu Gamers weekly FlatEarth vs IDDQD

  • Pluppie as Pharah from the high ground utilizing those jets takes out Draceus with her rocket launcher then Vonethil and Bromas with Barrage
  • Linkz as Reaper jumping into the center of the payload reigns fire with his death blossom on Chipshajen, Cocco, Mendokusaii, and Pluppie and InternetHulk with his HellFire shotguns
  • Mendokusaii as Tracer hammering away with her pulse pistols, recalling back when needed, taking out Vonetail and using her pulse bomb taking out KRYW & Bromas
  • In the end IDDQD for the win

In Heroes of the Storm Zotac Cup Epsilon vs Umbra

  • In the mid lane at the edge of Umbra’s base, Xavalosh gets killed in a three on two, when the rest of the team arrives Tatze goes then Saber
  • At the altar of the Spider Queen, Stalk goes down, Xavalosh is taken out on the other side, AndyLendi picks up the lost gems
  • At the entrance of Umra’s base Epsilon with the Spider Queen on their side, Knacksaft goes down then Saber, Xavalosh gets locked down by bone prison then falls
  • Epsilon infiltrating Umbras base is on a rampage tearing down Tatze, the rest of the team hides behind their core watching it fall, Knacksaft gets caught in the whirlwind and goes down, in the end Epsilon for the win

In Counter Strike Intel Challenge Katowice Team Karma vs CLG Red

  • Meeha preps for attack, GooseBreeder lobs the pop flash to pave the way for her, waltzing in taking MissHarvey, falls back, gets di^v^ and Cath, almost gets Benita but she cuts down her streak
  • Emuhleet seeing di^v^ headshots her, snaps around and gets Potter as she clears the smoke
  • Emuhleet takes out di^v^ it’s only a one on one now, goes to defuse the bomb with one second left, ah, Cath denies her the win
  • Cath just taking a sweet stroll takes out Meeha and GooseBreeder for the round
  • Goosebreeder in a 3 on 1, waits patiently to take out MissHarvey, her reflexes are on point when di^v^ shows up on top taking her out, Potter now scared and hiding, GooseBreeder cleans up the match in a miraculous comeback
  • MissHarvey runs into the smoke then runs into GooseBreeder thinking she’s a wall, walks through, both know they are there now waiting for the smoke to clear but GooseBreeder gets taken out, in the end CLG Red for the win

In Hearthstone America’s Winter Championship Amnesiac vs Nostam

  • Amnesiac playing Savage Roar, then another savage roar pumping his army to 9/5, 8/3, and 8/4 destroying Nostam for the round
  • Nostam getting Savage Roar, plays Force of Nature summoning three 2/2 Treants, paired with savage roar, taking his first round
  • Nostam drawing Twisting Nether plays it and gets Reno Jackson out of it, not too shabby
  • Amnesiac playing Grommash Hellscream, slams him to enable his +6 rage to win the whole tournament, 15 year old Amnesiac for the win

In Call of Duty World League Pro Division Team Kaliber vs Team SoloMid

  • Nelso getting a clean kill with ColeChan, avoids a heavy blast, takes out Pacman, moving on to Whea7s, takes his time to meditate on his next move, tears Pacman on his way downstairs, and Whea7s, they are not learning their lessons, but ColeChan kills the streak
  • Goonjar with the stormtrooper accuracy award, gets the jump on two of TSM’s and…swing and a miss!
  • Sharp alone against two players, jumps over pacman, takes him out almost gets the ending kill, is so close but he’s robbed!
  • ColeChan with the ball, jumping off the side of the wall, jumps to get on the roof, oh hello, I think I’ll take the long way down thanks 🙂
  • Sharp flying high picks out Weat7s takes another leap for Ivy taking him out
  • In the end Team Kaliber for the win

In Starcraft World Champion Series America MacSed vs TaeJa

  • Taeja bringing the fight to Macsed, Macsed, meets him on his left flank relying on his five Colossus to lead his army to victory, the Archons fail to target the Vikings, Taeja takes out all the Colossus, Taeja falls back rallies up with more ghosts in his army, comes back for vengeance, strategically moving his ghosts and medivacs, TaeJa takes the round
  • Macsed pressing into Taeja’s winter wonderland both with fully developed armies, Taeja gains momentum taking out all of Macsed’s Colossus, Macsed tries to hold strong with his Stalkers but Taeja’s Ghosts rip them apart and push Macsed all the way back into his base, and keep the pressure on until MacSed relinquishes the map and the game, Taeja for the win

In Rainbow Six Pro League Orbit gg vs VWS Pro

  • Kix leans around the corner and scopes in, goes for and gets Enigma, Xclusive walks into his spray and goes down
  • Enigma hears K9’s fire guesses his position from behind the wall is too high but K9 snaps up right into his fire
  • K9 in a two on one, with a stand off at the bar, K9 patiently creeps up to Xclusive takes him out, jumps up, spots Fidd and takes the round after knocking on that diffusor
  • K9 with 16 seconds left on the clock, crawls into the building, sees Xclusive’s feet in the train room and knocks them and him off, picks up the diffusor starts to diffuse but Fidd takes him out for the round win
  • In the end VWS Pro for the win

Good job, we just watched 76 players, 18 teams, 10 hours, and 9 games in under 15 minutes – go us 🙂

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