Esports Nutshell Highlights | March 25, 2016

Esports Nutshell Highlights, your release from this week’s build up with Mark Register


In League of Legends NA LCS Team Solomid vs NRG

  • In the mid lane Svenskeren on GBM’s right flank hits hard with Bjergsen helping finish him off.
  • NRG gets the Rift Herald, TSM looking to catch them weakened and they do, Hauntzer takes out Moon, Bjergsen takes out Impact, GBM tries to take some shots from the high ground, retreats when he becomes the object of Yellowstar & Doublelift’s affection taking out GBM.
  • At the Barron, KonKwon snipes DoubleLift, Moon takes out Svenskeren,  Moon takes out Bjergsen, and Hauntzer gets ganked in a 3 on 1.
  • In the heart of NRG’s base, Moon takes out Svenskeren, Altec takes out Yellowstar and Bjergsen, Hauntzer hobbling away from the field of battle, Impact with his “big bad bat beats” him down and KonKwon snipes him off.
  • NRG ripping apart TSM’s base, taking two turrets, ignoring TSM’s attacks, not so smart when Moon, Altec, and KonKown are wiped from the map in one fell swoop, then Impact, and GBM, TSM taking back the game.
  • In the top river, Moon takes out Svenskeren, GBM takes out Yellowstar, Hauntzer falls, DoubleLift and Bjergsen get the courage to take on a full 5 man battle, and surprisingly take out KonKwon, Moon, they lose DoubleLift and their last man Bjergsen in the river but takes out GBM on his way out, NRG back in the game.
  • Impact and Altec with chariots of fire playing dum, dum, dum, unopposed take TSM’s inhibitor, chip away at their nexus, Yellowstar says “no not my gumdrop button,” but they show no mercy. NRG in a seesaw of emotions throughout this match but in the end takes the win.

In Dota Pit MVP vs Evil Geniuses

  • In the bottom jungle, PPD finds his one on one fight is turning into a four vs one then into a full team battle, Universe takes out Febby, MP takes out RTS.
  • EG working on Roshan, MVP comes in to take them out, QO takes out RTS getting EG’s full attention, Forev takes out PPD, H0pe takes out MP, Forev takes out Universe, H0pe is chased deep into the bottom woods and is taken out as well as his teammate Fear under QO’s hand.
  • In the mid lane, Universe takes out Febby, MP takes out H0pe, RTS takes out DuBu.
  • At the edge of the Radiant base, MVP shows their strength when MP takes out PPD, H0pe takes out Dubu, QO takes out Universe and Fear, MP takes out RTS and H0pe, MVP wiping out EG’s entire team.
  • In the heart of the Radiant base, MVP wreaks havoc in the base taking out a tower, MP takes out PPD, then EG takes back their base when RTS takes out MP throwing everything they have at them pushing MVP out of the base, Fear takes out Forev, RTS takes out QO, DuBu the last man standing from MVP gets chased down and taken down by Universe.
  • In the bot lane entrance of the Radiant, Forev takes out H0pe but he buys back in, MP takes out PPD, Forev takes out RTS, QO takes out Fear, Febby takes out H0pe and once their hope is lost, they bow their heads in defeat, MVP for the win.

In Overwatch GoSuGamers Weekly Reunited vs IDDQD

  • Cocco as Torbjorn throws an amor pack to NBRGibup, breaks out his forge hammer to build his turret, throws an armor pack to Mendokusaii, takes out Vallutaja, Unfixed, Morte, and Winghaven with his turret.
  • Mendokusaii as Tracer throwing pulses into the enemy with his pulse pistols, into throwing a big ol’ pulse bomb to take out Winghaven, Vallutaja, and takes out Unfixed with his pulse pistols.
  • InternetHulk as Symmetra lobbing a photon torpedo into the match, his sentry turrets take out Winghaven and Vallutaja, sets up a teleporter for the team, and then his turret takes out Unfixed.

In Street Fighter 5 Toasty Tournament Grand Final Prodigy vs AfroCole

  • Prodigy opens up his never ending attack with a jump kick into back to back attacks forcing Dhalsim into the corner, hitting him with sunset wheel, and slams him into the ground repeatedly until he’s dazed and confused and wakes up to a KO dealing combo.
  • Prodigy again dominating his opponent grabs AfroCole, slams to the ground, and does it again, and again, and again, until he’s stunned, Prodigy throws a bolt charge and KO combo.
  • Prodigy jump kicks into AfroCole, follows with a series of punches, into a grab slam, combo hits the crud out of him until he’s stunned, and keeps hitting until KO.
  • Throughout this match Prodigy with Laura dominates over AfroCole with Dhalsim with his never ending combos, in the end Prodigy for the win.

In Counter Strike iBuyPower Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Liquid

  • S1mple takes a minute to stop and appreciate his knife saying, I like that knife, that is a nice knife.
  • JDM in a two on one, Nitroz with a clear shot just can’t keep his gun up, it’s ok Nitroz it happens to every player, JDM takes a breath, aims, and takes out Hiko in the smoke.
  • Tarik with a steady hand hits Koosta from the top of the train, EliGe next, but Nitro gets the accuracy award taking Tarik out.
  • ReltuCjesus takes out s1mple makes it now a fair fight one on one with Hiko, wait for it, wait for it…Hiko gets it.
  • Hiko hitting but not killing Cutler, lobs a grenade takes out Fugly but time is running out, dances around the train but it’s too late, in the end Team Liquid for the win.

In Hearthstone EU Winter Championship Grand Final DrHippi vs Naiman

  • Naiman playing Arcane Golem brings DrHippi down to two health, plays Ironbeak Owl, and Steady Shot’s DrHippi to defeat.
  • NaiMan casts Consecration dealing two damage to his enemies taking out one creature, gets another with a Boom Bot attack rolling over into his third, the last Boom Bot hit takes out DrHippi’s dragon and his 1 /4 creature with a 4 damage bomb.
  • Naiman looking like a gonner against DrHippi’s 6 creatures totaling 12 attack and 16 defense, plays Arcane Intellect drawing two cards, plays Fireball and Roaring Torch bringing DrHippi to 0.
  • Naiman casting Quartermaster, pumping up his three Silver Hand Recruits to 3/3 each, takes out the Knife Juggler and another minion then focuses his attacks on DrHippi bringing him down to 20 health.
  • DrHippi puffs his chest with as many creatures as he can but they are weak and his two health is no match so he throws a few punches then concedes, in the end Naiman for the win.

In Gears of War ESL Pro League E6 vs Team EnvyUs

  • Praized on a killing stream taking out Po5eidon, taking cover behind the sandbags picking off Hudsonz, then Eternity, and takes out Affinity for the match point.
  • ToySoldier with the superman barrel roll!, works his way up the bridge taking out Po5idon, then Eternity, and gets his third with Affinity.
  • Soto barrel rolls to safety, gets Eternity in a one on one and takes him down, Soto not as lucky when Hudsonz beats him at his own game and puts him out of his misery.
  • Francis hugging those vans finds the window to take out Hudsonz, but Eternity turns the tables on him and takes him down. In the end Envyus for the win.

In Rainbow Six ESL Pro League Mythic Esports vs VWS

  • MrPopo knowing his strengths sticks to the stairs and his scope, takes out Yung, stays patient and gets Jinji with the same plan.
  • Enigma in the basement with incredible ears or intuition lobs a remote mine, does a quick scan and takes out Necrox & Jinji.
  • Clever plays a game of patience with Mystikkal, switches gears, jumps down a floor to get on his level bringing the fight to him then nabs Mystikkal on the stairs.
  • Mr Popo on the stairs with solid aim bats off Necrox.
  • Young hearing MrPopo picks him off in the stairwell, makes his way up to the next room claiming Clever, in the end VWS for the win.

And that’s it! 66 players, 16 teams, 9 hours, and 8 games in under 15 minutes, nice work 🙂

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