AnyKey Research Findings | Morgan Romine

Morgan Romine Dir. of Initiatives at AnyKey talks with Mark Register about AnyKey’s white papers, publishing their research findings every quarter.

Mark Register – AnyKey is publishing white papers, what are they about and where can I find them?

Morgan Romine – Any of our white papers will be published on we have two currently available, the first one is a result of a workshop that we did around TwitchCon in September of 2015 that was really just to start to ask questions about women in Esports and that includes women playing, women managing teams, women hosting, women on the industry side running tournaments, or running games that are competitive in nature.

We brought together 12 representatives from all corners and we sat in a room for many hours and sort of hammered it out…we did little group work, it was a productive meeting where we wanted to actually tackle some of these topics and come up with solutions to any of the problems that arise, or ideas for solutions.

We’re trying to keep the white papers short, two pages so they’re not a huge reading ordeal but we touched on some of the main topics that came up including the great debate about women’s only tournaments and whether or not they are valuable, risky, if we think they are worthwhile, and that’s addressed there.

I also just gave a GDC talk about that particular thing cause it’s still a pretty controversial subject and I suspect will be for a while, it’s controversial for a good reason.

The second white paper is from a study we did at IEM San Jose in November 2015, we just did a loose survey of the players that were in attendance, and so there are some interesting stats in there including the observation that we counted only 8% of the audience members were there for the CSGO competition and 15% for League of Legends which is still really low I think for what League is capable of but for this particular IEM event that’s what we saw.

We also did interviews with people and asked the women who were there, how did you come to be here, do you play competitively, have you considered playing competitively, if not why not, do you have friends who play, just starting to ask those initial question so that we know where to go from there, so we did a summary of that survey as our second white paper.

We think our next one, we try and do one every quarter, so we’re due for one.

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