Esports Nutshell Highlights | April 1, 2016

Esports Nutshell Highlights, your release from this week’s build up with Mark Register

In League of Legends LCK SK Telecom T1 vs CJ entus

  • SK Telecom T1 coming into this match, leading with Bang’s Kill/Death/Assist ratio of 6.7, Kramer trailing in 2nd with 5, then SK Telecom T1’s Blank, Wolf, Faker, and Duke taking the remaining top spots looking like a likely win for SK Telecom T1, well let’s see what happens next:
  • Kramer pushes too far forward in the bot lane and gets taken out by Blank and Bang
  • Bdd, MadLife, and Bubbling try to gank Faker, Blank and Wolf come in to reinforce, Faker takes out Bubbling for the wrongdoing
  • In the mid lane CJ enjoying the 4 on 2 in the midlane but their parade is rained on by Faker, Bang, and Duke on their rear flank. Duke takes out Bdd, SKT takes out MadLife and Bubbling then Blank takes out Bubbling decimating CJ’s team
  • Faker is hungry for blood chasing Bdd in the mid lane over extending himself and rightfully gets taken down
  • In the mid lane SKT charges into Bdd taking him out, Faker gets caught in CJ’s grip almost gets away but goes down, SKT pulls back, CJ follows, they overstay their welcome and the tables turn when MadLife goes down, and then chase down and take out Kramer
  • SKT pushing from the top lane into CJ’s base barreling through their defenses, taking out Bubbling, Bdd, Untara, take out their inhibitor, take a breather, go back to take out two inhibitors, Kramer throws a snowball into his team’s hell then watches his Nexus fall from the sideline, SK Telecom T1 for the win

In Starcraft Grand final Innovation SKT vs SoS Jin Air

  • Innovation begins his frontal assault into SoS’ base, targeting his High Templars and takes everyone of them out, pushes forward and SoS falls back into his base, SoS pushes forward, Innovation falls back but gains strength with his reinforcements, SoS takes out the widow mines with his window of peace, Innovation wants more with more firepower behind him, SoS lacking Templars to tank defense, Innovation cuts into SoS’ base like a room temperature knife, takes out the Cybernetics Core, SoS pushes back but Innovation is healing regularly with his medivacs and continues to weaken his opponent with superior firepower, SoS hides behind his minerals and relinquishes the game, Innovation for the win

In Street Fighter DoodBrodia vs SnakeX

  • SnakeX is on top of his blocking game as DoodBrodia hammers away in vain until SnakeX finds the opening in the low ground chipping away at DoodBrodia, jumping up to deliver an 11 hit kick combo knocking DoodBrodia to the ground, SnakeX keeps the hits coming with a high kick, low punch, head punch, low kick, then fury of full frontal kicks to KO
  • DoodBrodia getting a few good hits in as SnakeX calmly gets ready to pummel him, goes low, charges up, and releases his ultimate Lighting Legs on DoodBrodia until he can’t get up. SnakeX for the win

In Dota Epicenter Qualifiers Fnatic vs Mineski

  • In the top lane, Ohaiyo TP’s in to help his teammate DJ but both are overpowered in a now three vs two, Ohaiyo seeks refuge in the woods and is cut down in the trees, DJ running from a three on one, with the orb of venom whittling away at him he goes the way of the DoDo
  • In the top lane Flamingo is surrounded but manages to take out Ohaiyo but while fleeing gets taken down by Net, Xtinct running for safety with Jacko helping but not saving him from MidOne’s sun strike, but it costs them DJ
  • In the mid lane, Flamingo gets ganked, with Xtinct running to his aid too little too late, then becomes the target and drop like he’s hot
  • In the bot lane at the edge of the Dire Ancient, Fnatic already at 21 to 9 kills and significant gold lead have little opposition from Mineski taking out Flamingo, Mineski falls back, then takes out xNova, NJ, Xtinct, and Jacko leaving Fnatic unopposed, Mineski hands the win to Fnatic

In Heroes of the Storm ETS NA Finals Cloud9 vs TempoStorm

  • Cloud 9 getting the first two alters hammering away at TempoStorm’s Core, TempoStorm had this to say, “and for that we will take DunkTrain, K1Pro, and KingCaffeine, thank you :)”
  • TempoStorm working on the Headless Horseman, Cloud9 sees this as a good time to hit them while they are weak, taking out So1dier, Kaeyoh, and Zixz. Goku runs north to safety, Srey runs south statistically to his death, and the statics say death
  • Cloud9 knocking at TempoStorms door, TempoStorm answers the door with a bazooka taking out iDream, Arthelon, and K1Pro
  • TempoStorm at the SpiderQueen alter is met with Cloud9’s wrath as KingCaffiene hammers down on Goku and Kaeyoh gems go everywhere, Arthelon chases down Zixz to the North, So1dier runs to the edge of desire to leave but leaves to the heavens, Srey, the remaining member of his TempoStorm tribe is hunted down leaving Cloud9 unopposed for the match and game win

In Overwatch GoSuGamers Weekly Cloud9 vs Code7

  • Debett as Reinhardt Rocket Hammering his way through the masses, laying down his Earth Shatter, Rocket Hammering Torktjo to his end then Firestorm, Custa, Nicolastjo, and Trudel
  • Surefour as McCree keeping the peace with his peace keeper to Nocolastjo’s chest, flashbanging the enemy, taking out JKW, Trudel, healing up then getting JKW for a 2nd kill
  • Reaver as Widowmaker blowing a widow kiss to Nicolastjo with impeccable aim, keeping a slow and steady hand taking out JKW, turning the corner to pick up Trudel, jumps to lower ground, refocuses getting Firestorm, in the end Cloud9 for the win

In Vainglory Winter Championship EU Snow Tsunami vs Team Secret

  • Mowglie pushing into Snow alone, realizes that’s a bad idea, retreats, KValafar and Palmatoro reinforce both sides lose one to one but Palmatoro runs to the edge and is taken out furthering Snow’s lead
  • Lookatme and PTLam chace Mowglie into battle taking him and Palmatoro, KValafar in a 2 on 1 not looking good take out Sosiska on his retreat and lookatme with his dying shot
  • Team Secret with the Kraken on their side destroy a turret, meeting Snow in battle while the Kraken takes out the second turret but Palmatoro, KValafar, and Mowglie all go down even with the Kraken on their side
  • Snow with the Kraken fully rocking Team Secret’s base destroying a turret then the second, Secret not spending enough time taking out the Kraken seal their fate as it is too much offense against their dwindling defense, Snow Tsunami for the win

In Counter Strike iBuyPower Invitational Cloud9 vs Team Liquid

  • Hiko throws down a smoke grenade like Batman, backs up, waits for the bad guys, spots and takes out Stewie2k to the right, leaps on the high ground box, taking out Skadoodle, “slides to the left…bam..bam” get’s n0thing, jumps back up and takes Freakazoid, single handedly taking the round
  • Elige says “i got this, i got this, no I do not got this”
  • Stewie2k says “i got this, i got this, no I do not got this because Elige was 1 foot to my left and I missed him”
  • Elige throws some fire, reloads, bam headshots Skadoodle, automatics Freakazoid, ah but n0thing cuts the streak
  • Stewie2k with the overkill, working out some issues he should probably see someone about. In the end Cloud9 for the win

In Hearthstone Asia Pacific Winter Championship Pinpingho vs Seogui

  • Seogui casting Wild Pyromancer then Equality changing all minion health on the board to 1, triggering Wild Pyromancer’s ability dealing one damage to all minions wiping the board clean, and takes three damage from a boom bot
  • Seogui casting Anyfin Can Happen brings his Murlocs back to life, ripping into Pinpingho’s army in his last attempt but knows it’s not enough and claims defeat
  • Seogui exhausts his army then re summons them and the rest of his Murlocs with Anyfin can happen and unleashes the finny Murlocs
  • Pinpingho answers with his own Anyfin can happen and claims the round
  • Seogui overwhelms his minion to 6/6, attacks, transforms to Lord Jaraxxus and summons a 6/6 infernal
  • Pinpingho suppons Harrison Jones which hurts when he has to discard 4 cards
  • Pinpingho plays Brawl but backfires when it leaves him against Seogui’s 6/6 creature then accepts defeat
  • Seogui casts Anyfin can happen, gets Pinpingho to 6 health then Pinpingho casts Brawl taking out his army, Seogui is now out of cards, Seogui relinquishes the match to Pinpingho. In the end Pinpingho for the win.

In Rainbow 6 ESL Pro League EU gBots vs Epsilon Esports

  • Jager with the good eye takes out Ch0i, totally has DriD but runs out of ammo, for the sake of the party never be out of Jager shots
  • Bandit knowing sensik is behind the wall throws a remote mine, casually pulls out his 1995 nokia brick cellphone to end the match
  • Blitz with his sweet shield of justice flashes Ch0i, then takes him down to the ground
  • Ash with the accuracy award taking out Hansen, reloads, takes his time cautiously advancing spotting RCKS, hits him once, runs around to finish him off
  • Frost hyping himself up for running into the room, “oh what’s this? Hello ch0i how’s your cell phone car game? That’s nice, do you like my knife? Cause it’s a nice knife.” In the end Epsilon Esports for the win

That’s a lot of Esports, have a great week 🙂

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