Jacob Wolf joins ESPN Esports

Jacob Wolf ESPN Senior Esports Writer talks with Mark Register about his new position at ESPN


Mark Register – Congratulations on your new job! What can you do at ESPN that you can’t do anywhere else?

Jacob Wolf – I think the big thing is more learning.

I’ll be working with more sports editors and sports journalists who have done this a while in other sports.

I think Esports is a sport but I don’t think it’s very similar to sports in how the hierarchy works and how the industry works, it is very different.

I think the core of it is what makes it a sport.

However in terms of content there’s a little bit to learn in terms of sports reporting where as a lot of the stuff I’ve been doing at Daily Dot is a little more like entertainment reporting, which is all fine and dandy that’s not a shot at Daily Dot, I’m going to miss writing about things like Twitch and a lot of these things that are more general gaming stuff which basically is Entertainment reporting.

But then again it’s important to look at the competition and run it bear.

Look at Esports as a scope and say there’s these 10 players on stage right now, or two in smash, let’s look at this as the sport then cover everything around it.

With ESPN I felt a lot of them that are working in this Esports department and helping from the outside or helping from the outside of the department to help grow the inside of the department, I really got the feeling that they really want to do that, in that kind of fashion, in a sports reporting fashion.

I think I’ll learn a lot as a writer on a technical level from working with new editors, because I’ve worked with pretty much two editors for a year…two and a half.

I’m looking forward to working with more people and looking at Esports as more of a sport and doing sports reporting on it.

Mark Register – So what are your goals headed into ESPN?

Jacob Wolf – I think my main goal is still the same.

Reporting accurate news in a timely fashion, find it, dig it up, fact check it, and make sure it gets out before it gets leaked somewhere else because that happens more than I would like it to.

Some of it is a time constraint which I hope…I don’t know what it’s going to be like at ESPN, I’m hoping for the best because Daily Dot we are usually off the clock at around 9pm, that’s as late as we go.

Sometimes I’ll get a leak or something that comes out really late at night and I know it’s going to get posted the next morning on Reddit…someone is going to find this out because so many people are talking about it, and there’s nothing I can do about it. I’m hoping I can patch that and fix that problem at ESPN.

Besides that I’m really happy to be bringing what I do to their viewership.

I think it’s been one of the things they’ve really lacked and I’m really glad they recognized that they lacked that and reached out, had conversations, and made the deal to work with each other.

In terms of media places like TSN, Yahoo, ESPN, and all these new media companies that are coming in are going to create new Esports viewers by it just being on the site.

I think it’s really important that those Esports viewers have good reporting to look at.

I’m hoping that they see my stuff and they read my stuff, and they become interested in my stuff.

It’s my job to make it interesting in terms of writing.

I want to benefit them by letting their viewers and the viewers that are going to grow into Esports see how the real things are, like non fluff, this is Esports, this is what happens.

But I think they’re going to help me in a lot of ways in terms of growth so I’m really excited to work together 🙂

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