Measuring Shoutcaster Worth | Jacob Wolf

Jacob Wolf ESPN Senior Esports Writer talks with Mark Register about measuring a shoutcaster’s worth


Mark Register – How do you measure a shoutcaster’s worth?

Jacob Wolf – Knowledge, presentation, and fan base.

On the knowledge side you have to be really intelligent on what you’re casting which requires a lot of studying outside of the game.

Now we have casters, which is really cool, in games like Smash where all they do is cast, they occasionally play because they have to play and they’ll enter a tournament and they’ll have fun which more power to them.

You also have in Counter Strike, a lot of your casters are just casters which is really great.

Your desk hosts are usually writers like Thorin, Richard Lewis, or broadcasters like Scoots.

They study a lot of the game, they play the game, they understand the game because they lived the game and that’s really important.

MonteCristo does the same thing.

He’s not great at League if you ever watch that OGN thing where he was Lyona I’m pretty sure he’s Bronze.

But none the less that man watches so many VODs and takes notes, shout out to Monte he does so much work and he’s just so knowledgeable in the game and that’s really important.

In terms of presentation, you have to be a very good speaker to be a caster.

A lot of people undervalue that because I know a lot of casters that don’t speak very well, even though they are very smart people.

That takes practice, luckily in games like Smash you can cast local stuff and get away with it before you cast the big stages.

You do have a lot of casters that are good at their presentation like D1 and TKBreezy, EE, and Scarentouf.

Those guys are very good public speakers.

It’s very important that you present your knowledge in a well thought out manner and that is one of the things that makes a caster valuable.

The last one is fan base.

It’s really important to make yourself a brand as a caster, something that MonteCristo does better than anybody else.

He is MonteCristo, MonteCristo is a brand it’s not a person.

Christopher Mykles is the person.

That’s very important, a lot of other casters overlook that.

You do have people across multiple games who are very good at it.

You look at Semmler and Anders they are very good at making themselves brands, Anders Bloom is a person, on Fire Anders is a brand, and that’s great.

D1 does that very well which I think is funny because he is an employee at Twitch and doesn’t just cast all the time, he does partnership stuff, but D1 is a brand and D’Ron Maingrette is the person.

It’s very valuable that you make yourself known and you keep it professional on your social platforms, you interact with people, it’s also another networking thing because how are you going to get gigs, you have to network.

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