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Jacob Wolf ESPN Senior Esports Writer talks with Mark Register about the Pokemon Esports Scene


Mark Register – How would you describe the Pokemon Esports scene?

Jacob Wolf – The Pokemon Esports scene, I don’t know if a lot of people would consider the actual Pokemon games Esports.

And to be fair I love them, I play them a lot and I want to play more and compete more which is why I’m learning more about the competitive side of it.

It’s really difficult in a game where everyone can get the same thing by literally buying an actual video game, there is skill but a lot of it is like Hearthstone almost in the way that you have to make the right decisions at the right time.

Everyone can get the same level playing field.

Whereas in a Counter Strike or a League of Legends, your playing field is your actual skill, like how well you can aim that gun and fire at someone, that’s your skill, which takes a lot of practice.

Pokemon is best compared to Hearthstone because it’s about making good decisions with what you have.

It has a long way to go but I think Nintendo is doing a lot to push that now.

The Pokemon company has a lot of belief in Esports so I’m really excited to see what they’re doing.

The more competitive game that I’m looking forward to this year is Pokken tournament which is the fighting game, the Pokemon company and the Tekken developer developed.

They developed this game and it’s either going to crash and burn or really succeed.

They are pumping a lot of money into EVO and CEO to have it there at both event.

It kicked Street Fighter 4 off of the ballot so a lot of people are upset at least at EVO.

There are a few technical things with that game that could go very wrong and could be very annoying.

The first is you have to have two wii u’s for one station, which is really weird, which means you have to have two monitors, and you have to have link them together.

I’m going to CEO and EVO and I want to see how that’s done because that could be…bad…really bad.

It could go very well because it’s a good game, it plays well.

The fact that it’s on a controller that no one’s ever used was a weird decision by the developer.

I would have rather they had made a Wii U fight stick.

There’s people making adapters so I wonder if those fight sticks will work, I hope.

I would love to see that game played on fight sticks, it would also encourage more people from other fighting games to get into it, which there are only a few like Justin Wong who actually care about Pokken right now from other fighting games.

A lot of the Smash players love it which maybe it will grow off that.

You have people like Panda Global just announced that they have a Pokken team with MVD another smash player, Bear their manager, one of their performance coaches is playing, and then ESam who’s their best Smash core player.

So maybe so. Maybe it’s Smash players are the ones that grow it because everyone loves Pokemon, that’s why you play Smash right?

Because Pikachu’s in there.

At least that’s why I play Smash…kidding.

Maybe that game takes off, so we’ll see.

It will either implode by the limitations of what it can do or it’s going to succeed because the Pokemon company is pumping a ton of money into it for TOs (Tournament Organizations) and it will succeed because of that.

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