Building a team around Counter Strike – Jonathan Pan

Jonathan Pan former CEO of Ember talks with Mark Register about Counter Strike being the best game to build a new Esports Team around

Mark Register – For new organizations what’s the best game to build a team around?

Jonathan Pan – I used to be fixated on League of Legends although now after this experience and more objectivity I would pick Counter Strike.

With League of Legends if you start off with one team you’re dependent on the LCS.

You’re either going to playoffs which makes your investors, team, and management happy or you don’t.

Let’s say you’re seventh place then you’re like ok let’s take a breather but if you’re like 8th place or 10th place now it’s like relegations again.

It’s just a lot of stress and you only get two shots to prove it every year.

Now Counter Strike there are multiple leagues and tournaments throughout the year so you could hedge your bets better and there are more opportunities to shine.

The worst thing about sports or Esports is losing and the best way to cure it is to win.

With the LCS you have one season to win then there’s nothing you can do you can practice, scrim, whatever but you can’t demonstrate an actual win until the next season.

Whereas in Counter Strike there are opportunities throughout the year, there’s majors, three major leagues, online leagues, there’s tons of opportunities to “win” and demonstrate that you guys have it.

Or there’s just way more opportunities to loose and you quickly phase out at that point and time.

So I think Counter Strike is something I would definitely focus on.

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