Esports Nutshell Highlights | April 8, 2016

Esports Nutshell Highlights, your release from this week’s build up with Mark Register

In Counter Strike MLG Columbus Major NaVi vs Luminosity Gaming

  • Luminocity coming into the game with the highest Kill to Death ratio of 1.19 compared to Fnatics Kill to Death ratio of 1.15, not high margins but when you’re at this high caliber kind of game they usually aren’t so let’s see what happens.
  • Flamie gets the headshot to Fer then FNX defying the 2:1 odds
  • Edward saying, “oh man I’m going to get you, you have no idea I’m here,” Flamie says, “yeah I do, you’re right, you’re totally right there”
  • Coldzera there’s no way you can make that shot on Seized he’s half a map away, no way, WAY.
  • Coldzera in the kitchen very sad there’s no snacks left, Flamie fills him up with lead.
  • FNX tears up Seized in the high ground, swings right, Edward clearing the smoke only to end up it FNX’s crosshairs.
  • Seized preps himself, “play it cool, wait it out, I should probably get out there, ok I’ll get out there, NOPE.”
  • Edward in the 2 on 1, being all silent and deadly spots Fallen takes him out, Taco looking the wrong way gets flanked and NaVi wins the round.
  • Taco throws the flash, Zeus takes out Coldzera, Taco takes out Zeus, Taco nails Guardian, get’s Seized down to 7% runs out of bullets, jumps away but Seized cleans him up.
  • Again Taco & Coldzera run the same play with better accuracy this time mowing down Guardian, Edward, and Flamie, jump down to cut Seized from planting the bomb, swing around and knock out Zeus
  • Guardian with the golden eye picks off FNX, then Fer, feeling confident, a little too much, Coldzera remedies that.
  • Taco recovering from a flash, picks off Flamie, Seized on the left, Guardian on the right, ah but misses Zeus on the left
  • Seized sings “I can see clearly now, ah crud!”
  • Taco, your aim, muah, I mean it, muah
  • Zeus on Coldzera, “I got your foot, and babe I got you babe”
  • Flamie “eye on the prize, now my eyes don’t work, goodbye”
  • Coldera mows down Seized, Guardian, then Zeus
  • Guardian prances along singing “the hills are alive” and now they’re dead
  • Fallen picks off Flamie making the 2 on 1 a 1 on 1 the clock running out takes the win with 7 seconds on the clock
  • Fallen pays no attention to the smoke hits Flamie and gets Zeus
  • Edward comes back from a flash headshots Fer, Coldzera, hits Fallen but Fallen takes the kill
  • Taco nabs Zeus, this is it, game point, BAM gets Guardian and wins the tournament, Luminosity Gaming for the incredibly entertaining win.

In League of Legends NA LCS Quarterfinals Cloud9 vs Team SoloMid

  • Team SoloMid comes into this game leading with flying colors with claiming the top 5 spots of their Kill to Death to Assist Ratio compared to Cloud9 trailing behind by big numbers, but let’s see what happens.
  • In the top lane DoubleLift, YellowStar, and Svenskeren match up with Sneaky, Rush, and Hai, Jensen & Balls TP into the fight to aid but even with the 5 on 3 advantage Balls goes down, but gets YellowStar for it, so far an even match
  • Again in the top lane Hai flying into DoubleLift, YellowStar and DoubleLift retreat with Sneaky, Hai, and Rush on their tail, Jensen drops in, Cloud9 retreats once they are under turret fire, Hauntzer TPs in but gets pummeled immediately, Cloud9 feeling good regroups to push forward and takes DoubleLift, and slowly but steadily chases YellowStar to his grave
  • Cloud9 slays the Rift Herald, TSM jumps in to get them while they are weak but TSM is too weak, DoubleLift falls, then YellowStar, and finally Svenskeren
  • Retreating from the river to the top lane, Balls being chased down by Svenskeren and DoubleLift, oh but what do we have here, minions and Rush says “here I come to save the day” obliterating Svenskeren, and relentlessly taking down DoubleLift despite his best efforts to run away, Bjergsen & YellowStar now in the mix they take down Rush, but Cloud9 gets the last laughs taking Bjergsen and YellowStar
  • Cloud9 invading TSM’s base from the mid lane, Hai goes down for the team, “that’s alright, that’s ok we’re going to take YellowStar, DoubleLift,, Bjergsen, Hauntzer and the game. Cloud9 for the win.

In Rainbow 6 ESL Pro League NA Astral Authority vs Velocity Esports

  • SovSov entering the room with his shield, BC chipping away only as his shield, on his reload SovSov picks up the kill
  • BC peaking into the garage takes out DailyCan but also hits his own teammate with friendly fire, I’m totally sorry I shot you, sorry.
  • Exec on a rampage taking out Throwadox & BC. Dahdii working on the detonator is his last stop on Exec’s rampage.
  • LeMelle pushing in, Zed crouching takes out his legs, then pounds him with the sledgehammer, ow
  • LeMelle again gets his legs knocked out from Zed, who again comes in playing peter Gabriel’s…”I wanna be your…Sledge-hammer”
  • SovSov relieves JamJar from cubicle life
  • Dahdii says “hot potato” you used to call me on my cellphone.
  • SovSov behind the shield, dodges the C4 blast, Dahdii bum rushes him but gets taken out
  • In the end Velocity Esports for the win

In Starcraft Kung Fu Cup Snute vs ShowTime

  • Snute gathering up his army pushes into ShowTime’s outermost base, throwing corrosive biles but not able to land them or put a dent into ShowTime’s 10 immortals, but with Snute’s reinforcements he’s able to tear into ShowTime’s army more, continues his steady stream of reinforcements, the Queens focus on the Phoenixes, but finally retreat with ShowTime on his tail now counterattacking into Snute’s base twisting his arm into submission
  • Snute again initiating the fight at ShowTime’s base this time with fewer immortals to defend, Snute’s hydra’s dealing high amounts of damage per second corroding at ShowTime’s army and then production until he taps out
  • ShowTime finally brings the fight to Snute with his disrupters, and well shielded army with his force fields ends the match and the game, ShowTime for the win.

In Hearthstone World Championships EU Nicslay vs DrHippi

  • Nicslay drawing Big Game Hunter, casting Swipe, casting Big Game Hunter, brings DrHippi down to 8 life and draws himself a smile as DrHippi concedes.
  • Nicslay playing Argent Squire, chips away at DrHippi’s army, casts, “bad bad Leeroy Jenkins” to take out DrHippi’s 8/8 minion and gets back the lead.
  • DrHippy life tapping to draw an extra card, plays Gormok the Impaler, triggering 4 damage to Nicslay’s minion, knife jugglers dealing damage, then the rest of his army, AND the knife jugglers get to attack as well bringing victory to DrHippi for the match.
  • DrHippy draws Force of Nature pairing it with Savage Roar one of the most brutal combos this game has to offer and brings DrHippi the win against Nicslay.

And that’s it, boop.

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