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In League of Legends NA LCS Spring Playoffs Semifinal Immortals vs Team SoloMid

  • Coming into this game, Team SoloMid in the regular season trailing behind Immortals loosing half their games compared to Immortals winning 94% of their games, but in the playoffs Team SoloMid rallied looking like the clear winner in the match with Immortals loosing every game to Team SoloMid winning 86% of their games and dominating with their Kill to Death to Assist ratio between 5.3 all the way to 13.1 but let’s see what happens 🙂
  • Wild Turtle emerging from the jungle onto Hauntzer’s tail who wants none of him, Adrian flanks him on his right, Hauntzer says “I don’t want to hurt you but I will Adrian, ah crud Reignover get way, I just want to go home” but he’s too good for his home, he gets laid to rest in the river
  • Bjergsen putting the pressure on Pobelter in the mid lane with support from Hauntzer & Svenskeren but Reignover cuts their line and sandwiches Svenskeren turning the tables on the aggressors
  • Immortals working on the Baron, TSM hoping to get the steal but they don’t, and they loose YellowStar, DoubleLift, Hauntzer, and Bjergsen, TSM says “well that didn’t go well”
  • TSM hiding in the bot lane brush get the jump on Immortals taking out WildTurtle and Adrian
  • Huni runs from Hauntzer saying “you can’t catch me I’m the ginger bread man” Svenskeren and YellowStar rip him apart “No not my gumdrop buttons!”
  • Immortals at the edge of TSM’s base in all out war, Svenskeren gets Reignover, Pobelter takes Hauntzer, Svenskeren shoots Pobelter in the back
  • Huni pushing into TSM in the jungle, his plan backfires and it costs him his life and Adrian’s
  • In the mid lane Immortals pushing TSM in to the river Hauntzer takes out Huni, Immortals retreat as TSM keeps the pressure on, Bjergsen takes out Pobelter, and Svenskeren finishes the rampage taking out Reignover
  • TSM working on the Dragon, Reignover looking to steal the kill, fails, gets out of dodge because he’s on Svenskeren’s bucket list, both teams are in full battle in the jungle just outside the midlane, DoubleLift takes out WildTurtle, Immortals retreat south, TSM again on top of them with the unceasing pressure picking off Adrian
  • Immortals getting a little desperate push into TSM’s base to take out an Inhibitor, realize TSM is coming home with the big guns so they run out of their house, TSM finally catches them in the top lane flanking their right from the jungle, DoubleLift takes Reignover, Immortals in vain continue to flee as Svenskeren takes WildTurtle, as Adrian & Pobelter fall.
  • Huni “the only living boy in Immortals” can’t do anything as TSM keeps “rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ take that inhibitor rollin’ “ and takes the game
  • In game two in the top lane, TSM feeling strong from the last game hurl into WildTurtle and Adrian, DoubleLift misses a crucial skill shot, Pobelter flanks their rear and he’s super crabby as he nips them in the rear
  • YellowStar & Svenskeren, sneaky, sneaky, gank Adrian
  • Hauntzer and Svenskeren pushing up in the top lane from the jungle take on Huni taking him out even with the protection from his tower
  • Immortals approaching the Dragon, TSM wants in on this fun, apparently they don’t as it’s the stone circle of hell DoubleLift fails to flash out in time, YellowStar still stuck in depths, Bjergsen surprisingly gets the swift kill on Adrian, but can’t save YellowStar from death
  • Bjergsen owning his creepiness in the murk, flashes into Pobelter, X marks the death mark, and “bye, bye, bye” Pobelter
  • Reignover and Huni double teaming Svenskeren, Hauntzer reinforces, realizing they’re going to lose, Huni calls out save me Sarah McReignover! “in the arms of the angel, fly away from here”
  • Huni? Gone.
  • TSM cleaning up the rest of the match from here take the game win now 2 – 0
  • In game 3 Svenskeren and Reignover don’t like each other’s faces so they get into eachother’s faces, Bjergsen gets in on it, Pobelter and Adrian reinforce, TSM retreating, YellowStar takes out Reignover, it’s now a full out war, Hauntzer takes Pobelter, the fight breaks up momentarily until Huni reingages Bjersen but he over extends and DoubleLift takes Huni.
  • Pobelter gets ganked in the bot lane
  • In the smack dab middle of the soon to be bloodied map, TSM emerges from the river into Immortals’ left flank, both teams Teleport in for the big event, Bjergsen takes Pobelter, Huni takes YellowStar, DoubleLift takes Reignover, Immortals on the retreat, Bjergsen takes WildTurtle, Huni takes DoubleLift, Svenskeren takes Huni, things not looking good for Immortals now.
  • Pobelter feeling a little desperate jumps into DoubleLift and YellowStar, Reignover reinforces, it’s a tight one but DoubleLift takes Pobelter, WildTurtle takes DoubleLift, Adrian joins in and helps to take out YellowStar
  • In the bot lane Huni overstaying his welcome realizes it’s a good time to move back, Hauntzer says “come stay a while and listen, with my friends YellowStar & DoubleLift” they take out Huni, the rest of both teams show up to support, both teams with strong showings but DoubleLift takes Reignover, Pobelter takes YellowStar, Bjergsen takes Pobelter, WildTurtle, and wraps up the Ace all around with Adrian going down making this game a well done steak.
  • In the top lane WildTurtle knocks DoubleLift out of the park, Bjergsen takes Pobelter, Svenskeren takes Reignover, WildTurtle shouts out, “hey Svenskeren go long!” Bam! Hail Mary Turtle!
  • In the mighty jungle, Bjergsen takes Adrian & DoubleLift takes Reignover
  • TSM going for the dragon kill, Immortals very desperate at this point, TSM slays the dragon, then slowly but surely dismantles Pobelter then WildTurtle until Immortals flee into nothing and TSM charges into take what is rightfully theirs…the win. Team SoloMid for the win.

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