Esports Nutshell Highlights | April 18, 2016

Esports Nutshell Highlights, your release from this week’s build up

In League of Legends NA LCS Spring Playoffs Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Solomid

  • Team SoloMid looking like the clear winner coming into this game with a 1.75 Kill to Death Ratio compared to Counter Logic Gaming’s .92 KD Ratio but hey let’s see what happens –
  • Game 1, TSM coming in strong in the mid lane pushing towards CLG’s base so much they don’t see CLG double TP’ing in behind them to completely surround them, decimating DoubleLift, then Svenskeren, Bjergsen runs for dear life but he is going down poops creek without a paddle and a  reaches shore only to be ended on land.
  • CLG now on the offensive in the top lane, but TSM learned from just 3 minutes earlier how to beat them at their own game TPing in from side, Hauntzer barreling into their right flank, TSM picking off Huhi from the herd, chips away at Aphromoo until he’s worm food, CLG get’s Svenskeren, but TSM takes Xmithie, Stixxay, Darshan is the last man standing for CLG but not for long completely surrounded goes down giving TSM the Ace
  • CLG working on the Baron, TSM patiently watching while Hauntzer leads the minion charge against CLG’s base but TPs in to aid with the battle, CLG falls back then reengages, poor Hauntzer getting the Baron’s attack and CLG’s, DoubleLift takes out Huhi, Svenskeren and DoubleLift go down, TSM minions take out CLG’s turret, TSM falls back, Bjersen charges forward taking out Stixxay and Xmithie, then sees Darshan and chases him through the jungle slowly but surely takes him out while Yellowstar and Hauntzer try to fight back CLG’s minions but it’s all in vain as CLG wins Game 1.
  • Game 2, Yellowstar and DoubleLift retreating from battle being pursued by Xmithie & aphromoo, they look pretty safe, but Huhi goes “Rocketman!” on them cutting down DoubleLift, Yellowstar looking for protection from his turret but can’t hide from the Huhi’s wrath.
  • TSM pushing the mid lane fall back under turret fire, CLG engages, Darshan gets Jenny McCarthy singled out, CLG falls back, but they don’t last long losing their entire team except for Aphromoo.
  • TSM on the Baron, CLG’s only hope is to steal the kill, they go in as lambs to the slaughter, Xmithie goes down, TSM slays the Baron, CLG claims Bjergsen, but loose Huhi and Darshan, Stixxay doesn’t last long after that, TSM takes game 2.
  • Game 3, Hauntzer engaging CLG in the bot lane, both teams engage, CLG retreats, Huhi TPs in to reinforce and he’s the first to go, Bjergsen takes Stixxay, Darshan takes Bjersen, then corner Darshan into death. TSM leveling CLG’s previous lead with a 3 to 1 in this battle.
  • CLG taking out the top and bot towers in TSM’s base, TSM engages CLG in the lower jungle, the entire battle taking up the entirety of the jungle, Svenskeren gets the upper hand on aphromoo and Darshan. As CLG’s entire army is hunted down Huhi shouts to his team “You stay alive no matter what occurs, I will find you, no matter how long it takes no matter how far, I will find you” and that was the last of the CLGhekins.
  • CLG and TSM in the monumental midlane mass mayhem murdering melee mutilating many, muddle mess of a fight, CLG some out comes out of that MESS with a two on two chasing Doublelift and Yellowstar down to their base, taking them out, then very carefully take out the turrets, inhibitors, and carefully mind the minions, CLG taking game 3.
  • Game 4, CLG looking to steal the baron kill patiently wait surrounding the battle and Darshan TPs directly in the pit, and CLG GETS THE STEAL! And run the heck away so they don’t push their luck and only loose Xmithie and Huhi in the process.
  • Darshan in the top lane chasing down TSM overextends gets ganked in a 4 on 1, TSM takes Aphromoo, CLG reinforces, Darshan the tank finally goes down, then Xmithie, run after Huhi to his end, then Stixxay getting the ACE for the game and TSM takes Game 4.
  • Game 5 CLG literally gets the jump on DoubleLift, like literal literally not figuratively literally , Yellowstar says, “hey talk to the shield” Darshan and Huhi say “hey talk to your rear flank and the worms thanks to our double TP awesomeness”
  • TSM claims dragon slaying status, slowly seeks severe Stixxay slaying swinging shockingly seeing sad Shawn sleep, Zer, Stixxay slay Star sinking, Bjersen & Doublelift go down, Svenskeren last man up for TSM trying to get Xmithie rising from the dead thanks to his guardian angel but wishes he had his own when he goes down. Counter Logic Gaming taking the final round and the NA LCS Spring Split. That’s it! Have a great week 🙂

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