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Rob Lee “Leonyx” GM & Creative Director at LA Renegades talks with Mark Register about the rise of Moscow 5 with Alex Ich

Mark Register – What are your favorite stories in Esports?

Rob Lee “Leonyx” – My favorite stories in Esports…oh man. I always talk about this.

Thorin made a video for me because there was this break in between a CSGO tournament and he told me…he fundamentally summarized everything for content creators, anyone that’s in my job why we love what we do.

I’ve been talking about context all week but I don’t mind talking about it here again.

When you talk about team A and team B showing up to an event, and the outcome is, one is a winner.

That in itself is…you can do that with any sport, you can do that with any match and it’s not exciting.

For Esports, the reason why it’s so amazing and why we find enjoyment is because of the context.

Let’s make up a scenario, an example.

Without telling you anything about a video game, anything about League of Legends, anything about CSGO…

So a man, he’s from Russia and he essentially is just wrecking everyone in solo queue, doesn’t have a lot of friends but he takes a group of four Russian guys and teaches them each an individual role and how to play them, and they become friends.

They come out of nowhere in the open circuit dominating a bunch of teams like the old guard, the CLG EU, TSM back in the day, and now they are labeled as the “Korean Kryptonite” because they’re able to beat Korean teams.

Just in that in and of itself, they show up to an event and the whole population of Russia is behind them because they’re called Moscow 5.

Alex Ich in the mid lane leading his team into battle, into victory, and meeting all these different contextual stories that end up at events, that in itself is the enjoyable part.

The history of what each team and each player brings to the table and what’s on the line…that’s the enjoyable part.

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