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Rob Lee “Leonyx” GM & Creative Director at LA Renegades talks with Mark Register about the All Star Renegades behind the scenes staff

Mark Register –  A lot of the players get a lot of the recognition, I made a video about the LA Renegades and I completely omitted pretty much so many people behind the scenes. Talk to me about those people who make it all run.

Rob Lee “Leonyx” – So the thankless jobs…for our organization personally I don’t know how everyone else’s is run.

So a lot of thankless jobs in our organization are our coach and analyst Hermes David Tu and Hussain Moosvi he’s the analyst and Hermes is the coach, and Matt Akhavan.

So those three guys, they’re the little gears that make those big gears turn.

Those are the initial ones. Hermes the coach has such a great impact on our players and everyone respects him, he comes off as a mature figure, if I can relay that to someone else, he has the qualities of Fanatic Daylore like how he speaks and how he talks and how he’s perceived in the house.

If the entire team can work around and work with a leader, that’s him.

He is leading the charge for the Renegades.

Hussain is there he’s helping Hermes in every aspect in what we should do, how we should play this game.

All those guys when you hear the comments about, “wow Renegades macro strategy is so good!” they don’t really say that was Hermes and Hussain they just kind of think that’s just the team.

It is the team but someone is spearheading that. So that in itself is a thankless job, Hermes doesn’t get enough praise and Hussain.

Matt also doesn’t get enough praise.

He helps take care of these guys and essentially takes care of everything you would have to worry about as not a professional gamer.

He alleviates all the stress of a professional gamer so they can work on the game itself.

I don’t think there’s ever been a time where like one of our players had to deal with something totally insane outside of the game except for maybe Maria but we accommodated her like everyone on our roster to the fullest capacity that we could.

Those guys are the thankless ones.

That goes for all of our games.

Kory Arruda from Halo, he’s the one who helped fix that roster.

I remember the initial part of the Halo roster that came to us with 2 of the players dropping out immediately and Kory was on the ball to fix our roster and get it in the deadline of the Halo World Championships.

He saved our Halo team.

We weren’t going to have one because we were missing one or two pieces of the puzzle and he essentially picked up upgrades every single time we lost a Halo player, or something fell through because there was that spasmodic event in the Halo scene because people were just leaving left and right and this two million dollar prize pool was just making everyone go nuts…he essentially made it so every time we lost a player he always found an upgrade.

Which that in itself is a talent.

I wouldn’t have been able to do that, I only know the context of the players I don’t know the strengths of the player.

Kory Arruda was able to do that as our Halo coach.

Chris Orfanellis he’s the managing coach for the CSGO team, he helps relay and do all that stuff for the CSGO team and he gets them to places on time, he badgers them, he’s the adult figure over there.

I think he’s the oldest member over there.

Those guys are the ones that are behind the scenes that.

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