Tying Cities to Esports Brands | Leonyx

Rob Lee “Leonyx” GM & Creative Director at LA Renegades talks with Mark Register about why you should tie your Esports brand to a city

Mark Register – Why should Esports organizations tie their brands to a city or a college?

Rob Lee “Leonyx” – The reason why we have Los Angeles in our name…if you’re familiar with the current boom in venture capital and angel investors into the scene, they’re obviously dumping a lot of money into the scene in hopes of non-endemic sponsors to enter the scene like traditional sports.

What I mean by this is Esports is quickly trying to adapt to a more traditional market.

With that being said a lot of newcomers are coming into the scene that are initially joining and picking a team.

When you think about the ELeague or when you think about the Halo championships, LCS, or any type of Esports, newcomers that come into the game, they need to attract themselves to a team.

The reason why we picked LA is because in traditional sports if you’re from that city you generally subconsciously already think I’m going to root for the city that I was born in.

So Los Angeles for non-endemics and for our fans, if you’re born in LA you’re brain triggers immediately to LA like, I’m going to be a fan of the LA Renegades because I’m from Los Angeles which is the most populated city in America.

So that’s our reasoning for that and obviously sponsors just love that.

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