Esports Nutshell Highlights | April 24, 2016


Esports Nutshell Highlights, your release from this week’s build up with Mark Register


In Dota ESL Manila Team Liquid vs The Wings Gaming

  • Team Liquid coming into this match with a Professional KDA of 3.47 in the last three months to The Wings Gaming Professional KDA of 2.69 in the last three months but those are just numbers let’s go watch the game –
  • Game 1 – In the bot lane Bian (Bane) as BatRider pouring out sticky napalm only a third of his life left with Jerax, Mind_control and 8 creeps on his fiery tail, he manages to get them all caught in the napalm, Bian goes down but takes out both his attackers.
  • In the mid lane Shadow daringly takes on FATA & Mind_Control. Jerax, Innocence, and Queen of Pain come to reinforce, Wing’s Queen of Pain releases her sonic wave and FATA to the heavens, Jerax…you goin nowhere! And Mind_Control gets led into Bian’s liquid napalm trap again giving Wings three kills to zero in this battle.
  • Liquid on Roshan, Wings flying into battle, Jerax is off to cool down and Wings picks him off, Liquid pulls off Roshan to defend, blinding light causes Liquid to miss too many of their attacks, they take a crack at Roshan for a hot second, Kuroky getting heavy damage from sonic wave he TP’s out, FATA TPs out, Mind_Control goes down, Matumbaman casting sprout in hopes to TP out but I think he was wearing a red shirt and the rules are if you have a red shirt you die without scotty beaming you out, sorry.
  • At Liquid’s midlane ancient border Jerax engages Wings causing confusing using Phantom Lancer’s Doppleganger ability, Jerax goes down, Ice shatters, Bain leaves his trail of sticky napalm and goes bye bye buy back, Mind_control falls, then Koroky casts black hole on Shadow, Matumbaman falls, Kuroky gets the Shadow kill, Wings takes Kuroky.
  • Wings push forward and take Game 1 in the series.
  • Game 2 – Shadow draws Mind_Control close in the bot lane as Innocence flanks his right, Mind_Control gets the heck out but Innocence casts “fiend’s grip” paralysing him so Shadow can catch up, Mind_Control struggling to reach safety under his tower with only 17 health left, Jerax in for the rescue sideswiping Shadow, we did not see that coming!
  • Liquid and Wings engaging in the top lane, Kuroky gets a healthy dose of smash mouth with so much sun strike damage he might as well be walking on the sun and burns out, Jerax falls, Innocence is lost, Matumbaman chasing down Bian, overextends to the tower, falls back but IceIce baby is waiting for him at the bridge casting fissure blocking his escape path, gets hit with sun strike, casts doppelganger but it doesn’t save him as he gets picked off “by a tower down by the river.”
  • In the bot lane, Matumbaman thinking he’s a safe distance from danger, gets hit with fissure, chaos meteor rolls right on over his now dead body, Shadow dancing in the woods becomes the next target, Jerax has the scent and hunts him down.
  • In the midlane, Jerax gets pummeled, next up Kuroky, IceIce echo slamming then gets slammed himself by FATA, FATA takes Innocence, Bain on his forrest gump run, Wings hits FATA with the sun strike, Matumbaman finally gets Bain’s last breath.
  • In the mid lane Wings sending a tornado whisking away FATA & Kuroky, Kuroky catches
    Shadow in his black hole sun, won’t you come, but IceIce washes away the Kuroky, Wings takes FATA, Mind_Control takes Shadow, Bian takes Matumbaman, and Wings take Game 2.
  • Game 3 – In the bot jungle both teams fighting for early dominance, FATA takes Wing’s Innocence, but it’s the only good news Liquid gets for a while as Wings take Mind_Control and the rest of Liquid retreats with Wings on their tail, but they get away only to re engage in the midlane, Innocence takes Kuroky, and Wings take Jerax now in a 3 to 1 lead just 42 seconds into the game.
  • In the mid lane, IceIce snowballs into Wings’ right flank in a three on one against FATA, Liquid’s tower dealing heavy damage to Wings, Jerax reinforces and takes Innocence, IceIce takes Jerax, FATA takes one of Wings, Kuroky takes IceIce, Liquid taking back the game lead in this battle.
  • Liquid slowly builds from a 2 kill to 14 kill lead on Wings dominating this game in every battle for the first thirty minutes until the tides begin to turn in the bot lane and jungle when Wings take Kuroky, FATA, begin to chase down the rest of the team, Jerax has some pretty strong quads but it’s not enough also they loose a crucial gem.
  • In the bot lane, Liquid loose three of their heroes to Wings and all of a sudden they’re sure to win lead turns sour and Wings now look like they are going to take the game.
  • Wings jumping into battle against Liquid in their mid lane ancient entrance, heavy casualties back and forth Liquid holding strong against Wings’ attack but Wings are resilient after both teams lose two heroes each, Wings penetrate Liquid’s base ripping apart Jerax, Mind_Control, and pushing the death dial to a closer match now 31 to 25.
  • Wings again hammering into Liquid’s bot base entrance, take out three heroes of Liquids to Wing’s two heros but this time really rip apart their base’s barracks, Liquid recoups and push back again but lose two more heroes a tower and another barracks.
  • In Wing’s final push, you just start to feel bad for Liquid they were doing so well with a 14 kill lead and plenty of gold, and like a child star actor they just spiral out of control battle after battle until they get shut out 3 and 0. Wings coming from left field or more specifically China take the ESL Manila championship, $100k, and most importantly position themselves as Paul McCartney’s future Esports brand. Have a great week 🙂

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