Patch Changes Drive Strategy Changes | Tim Sevenhuysen Mag1c

Tim Sevenhuysen “Mag1c” of talks with Mark Register on how patch changes drive stragety changes

Mark Register – Do patch changes drive strategy changes or do strategy changes drive patch changes?

Tim Sevenhuysen – I’d say it’s definitely more the former than the latter.

There’s some of both it’s a bit of an interplay.

Generally I’d say it’s more common that patch changes drive the changes in strategy.

There are things like, sorry I coughed myself into tears.

Mark Register – It’s a sensitive subject.

Tim Sevenhuysen – Well as of today when they just announced their plans for the mid season patch change it kind of is sensitive.

There are more things that will change in a patch that result in certain champions becoming prominent and other champions kind of fading away.

Sometimes patch changes are drawn out of things that are going on in the professional scene or in the ranked place situation.

You’ll see something that’s too strong so they nerf it.

And that is the patches being driven by the strategies.

But at the pro level the pro analysts and the pro players are usually pretty happy adapting to whatever the current situation is and given enough time…there are situation where there are really big outliers like Mordekaiser at World Championship 2015, that champion is too strong, it’s numbers are too high.

You either ban it or there are very few ways to get around it.

Most of the time the pro teams will find ways to adapt to the certain patch situation and whatever is strongest…the first reaction is to use whatever is strongest and try to abuse the strength that’s there especially if you figure it out before the other people do.

You know how to use it better than the other people do because you’ve been thinking about it for longer, you jumped on the train sooner.

Eventually given enough time counters to that strategy will come up in some way or another.

The patch cycle in League of Legends seems to be fairly short compared to a lot of games that have come before it which means that those kind of organic evolutions in the metagame don’t necessarily get to happen as often.

When you have the actual game itself changing every two weeks or three weeks then you’re always trying to figure out, ok what’s the new thing that’s strongest and let’s make sure we’re using that and if you can instantly think of a counter strategy then great.

But you don’t get two months, three months to see this in action and develop new strategies to deal with what’s strongest in any given patch you just don’t have the time to do that.

Generally I’d say that it’s the patches that are driving the strategy just because there are so many changes coming out all the time in League of Legends specifically and you’re constantly having to adapt to that and search for the kind of hidden OPs and whatever is strongest in a given time.

Not every game has to be that way not every game has been that way.

You look back to…you put on your rose colored glasses and you go back to Starcraft BroodWar or something like that that didn’t have patches for years because the culture of patches and patch notes maybe hadn’t developed the same way.

They didn’t change much in the game many times after it came out they did a few times but the game is where it is and that’s not necessarily because it was perfectly balanced or something like that although I think people again looking back feel pretty happy about the state of the game

But yeah you have something like Starcraft BroodWar that felt like the game itself changed not at all for a very long time over the last however many years of it’s kind of competitive span.

But the way that people played the game didn’t change.

There were maybe things like they were playing different maps at different times and the way you play on a different map might change a little bit but people found ways to play the game in different ways because they saw oh this player uses this race and builds these units at these timings…maybe nobody’s ever tried this before and you come in and you build a massive hoard of goliaths and you shoot down all the carriers and interceptor drones.

I don’t know if I’m remembering that one right but I think that’s what Flash did one of the things he did that made him so great as a Starcraft BroodWar player was this goliath massing strategy that people hadn’t really been doing.

So there were still ways for people to adapt within the game without patch notes so it’s just a different culture in different games.

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