Free Leffen Parody Music Video | Notorious BIG Party & Bull$#!t

William Hjelte “Leffen” applies for a P1 Visa gets rejected and makes a video with Redbull explaining this is bullshit so Mark Register & Brian DiBiagio made a music video to tell the story in the key of Notorious BIG’s Party & Bullshit


Redbull video (


Notorious BIG – Party & Bullshit (



Hugs from the Egirls, pounds from the Mango

Seen my man Reggie that I knew from the SoloMid

Said he had a game, asked me if I had my visa

Form I, 129 I do not

Holler if you need me Reg I’m on the run

Wave and dashin’ see what the Smash is all about

United States, Citizenship, and Immigration Services, I’m a BAD BOY

Visas wanna front, who got your back? RedBull!

Visas wanna flex, who petitions? SmashBros!

It ain’t hard to tell I’m the big six smasher brother

Hungrybox scared you’re supposed to

WestBalls I told ya, put fear in your heart

I used to play Yoshi but then I got wise

Government scared they tried to block

This is bullshit and a petition broke out


Yo Leffen what’s up! Sign the petition, 100k what’s up!? Yo Chill man, Chill!


Can’t we just all get our Smash on?

So we can see me take on the Armada

Get him edge guarded like a boss

And it’s on, and I’m Smashed

that’s that.


Smash Bro this is Bullshit

Here we go go come on






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