Esports Nutshell Weekly | May 27, 2016

Welcome to Esports in a Nutshell Weekly having fun with the world of Esports one week at a time.


  • I am your host Mark Register and the guy leading the music division is Brian DiBiagio. We’ve got a wonderful show for you. We’ve got the top stories including ELeague’s launch, ESPN and Riot rumors, and Capcom banning Team YP. We’ve got a rapid fire list of everything in the space to keep you ahead of the curve. We’ve got analysis of big questions for the week. We’ve got highlights from Counter Strike StarLadder I League Invitational Grand Finals Natus Vincere vs and sucinct highlights from the best matches in League of Legends, Dota, and Hearthstone. To wrap it all up we’ve got a parody song about the ESPN & Riot Rumors from PVP Live in the key of Third Eye Blind’s “Jumper” because it’s fun to play. Now…


For this week’s top stories


  • ELeauge kicks off this week, and with it they announce their casters and analysts. There were so many they had two tweets go out. They had a third tweet to announce their first professional Esports analyst & player therapist Tobias Funke but decided to not make that announcement due to it not looking good on paper. ELeague partners with Faceit to manage their tournaments, sign a multi-year agreement with Twitch to broadcast their competitions in addition to broadcasting in Asia through their TruTV channel. And finally Turner gives us a look at the construction of their 10k Square foot Esports Studio Arena over a cool time lapse video which is fun to watch.
  • PVP Live releases an article saying that they have a source that confirms ESPN and Riot are in talks to broadcast their LCS tournaments on ESPN for up to a half a billion dollars. PVP Live’s website gets so much traffic from the article their servers crash. ESPN comments on the story saying “The story is false. We do not have a deal with Riot Games to broadcast League of Legends.” Riot responds with “The story is inaccurate. There are no active talks with ESPN at the moment, and we did not have sexual relations with ESPN”
  • Capcom bans Team YP but not its players from their Capcom Pro Tour citing their new rule change that echo’s ESL ban on adult content sponsors. Capcom also reserves the right to ban any sponsor they deem inappropriate because they’re Tony Danza, the boss. Some adult content that is still deemed appropriate…Vaping and Alcohol sponsorships. Team YP responded with hashtag tweets #RiseUp also used in Capcom’s promotional material for Street Fighter V and also responded with “This is uncalled for and inappropriate.” When news came to the street of Avenue Q they responded “The Internet is for Porn, sorry Kate.” Luckily the head of EVO Joey Cuellar said Team YP is of the same Creed and will show them love and everything with arms wide open, Team YP expressed they felt the same way and would show them everything with everything wide open.


And now here’s the rapid fire rundown of everything that’s happening in Esports to give you a table of contents if you’re feeling scholarly or a cliff notes if you’re feeling…nah.


  • Yahoo launches their Esports App.
  • Apex Gaming hires recently retired player Crumbz as head coach.
  • Vexx Noxn buys Team Dragon Knights and their LCS Challenger spot.
  • Counter Logic Gaming said they are “shutting it down” on their Call of Duty team.
  • Pac 12 approve Pac 12 Networks to commence Esports competitions with Pac 12 Universities.
  • Reddit posts a Far Side cartoon that after 20 years went from a joke to a reality.
  • Kansas’ Pratt Community College announces a Fall launch for their Esports team led by head coach Kenton Small.
  • Robert Morris University hosts their High School Esports Invitational this weekend, if you’re in Chicago, you should go.
  • Gordon Hayward says he wants in the Esports game and wants to run it like a sports team in an interview with IGN’s Kevin Knocke.
  • Echo Fox partners with VFD Esports led by Elie & Daniel Deshe for marketing and brand partnership integration and sponsorships.
  • Tencent is in talks with Softbank to acquire their 73% stake in Supercell makers of Clash of Clans. Supercell may veto the deal given Softbank gives Supercell full autonomy.
  • After buying League of Legends team Elements, FC Schalke announces plans to add an Overwatch and Dota 2 team to their roster and will not delve into Counter Strike as it’s not a right match.
  • Canadian League of Gamers launch the first professional Esports League in Canada named the Northern Arena… broadcasting normally and in VR using Vantrix’s 360 streaming virtual reality infrastructure so you can watch from live vantage points like front row, concession lines, and bathroom lines.
  • The Free Leffen petition to give all Esports players legitimate sports player status so they can get P1 visas hits 100k signatures…so at the very least we will get an official response from the White House. As Kotaku points out we all hope it’s as witty as their response to the building of a Death Star to help provide new jobs.
  • 100 Thieves player Nelson writes a Twitlonger talking about how awesome he is and how terrible his teammates are and he’ll be looking for another team. Then his teammate Johnny writes another Twitlonger saying the team is not doing well, that he was dropped from the team, and Nelson the guy who was trash talking the team will return to take his place.
  • Chinese League of Legends player Otto is fined by his organization Saint Gaming for insulting Edward Gaming’s fanbase on Chinese social media site Weibo calling them “dogs” and “sons of dogs” perhaps he meant a female dog. Otto gets fined two months salary and two staff members get fined one months salary for not controlling Otto. They responded with, no you lock it up.


Are the big questions of the week keeping you up at night? Well don’t you worry we’re going to answer those big bad questions of the week right now. So let’s get started.


  • Canadian League of Gamers launch the first professional Esports League in Canada called the Northern Arena… broadcasting in VR using Vantrix’s 360 streaming virtual reality infrastructure so you can watch from live vantage points of view. What’s better, emulating going to an Esports event using a VR headset or watching an Esports event on TV?
    • You’re going to get more entertaining visuals from traditional broadcasts you can watch on a screen thanks to dozens of camera angles.
      VR is difficult to cut to different camera angles…fade to black and back is the only non jarring transition between perspectives. But that’s not what VR is about. VR is about the in real life experience, emulating you sitting in a chair or getting out of your chair with the rest of the crowd watching on a big screen. So you’re still watching a screen. The other way of doing it is being in a virtual command station where the broadcast screen is front and center but if you want stats, or animations of champions, or anything you can dream of something wild when you get a little bit restless, a little bit angry and you know you’ve got to get out and cry, just turn around with bright eyes, VR is gonna start tonight.


  • So who’s telling the truth in the PVP Live, ESPN, and Riot PR half truth volley?
    • PVP Live was lucky enough to have a source approach them with the information that ESPN and Riot Games were in talks about broadcasting rights which is not a surprise however the price given doesn’t specify what the deal entails and there was no deal made…only a deal talked about in rough draft form.
    • Stories like this help draw the line between journalism outlets and news outlets. Journalism is expensive, time consuming, and even if you have a great story if you can’t back it up with at least two reliable sources you can’t put it to print. News is cheaper, faster, and can publish whatever is going to drive views to their site which is a vehicle for advertising, and there’s nothing wrong with that.
    • But PVP Live’s story is not out of line as moves are being made to build connections between Tencent & ESPN. Back in February Disney’s ESPN and Tencent, the parent company of Riot Games drew up a deal that ESPN would give Tencent exclusive Chinese rights to NBA & NCAA basketball, soccer, and X Games with commentary and debate, and plans to expand to more sports all to be distributed through Tencent’s platforms QQ Sports website & WeChat Weixin which includes a pool of hundreds of millions of viewers.


  • What’s the value add that ESPN provides for Esports?
    • Capital. They’ve got gobs of money, even though their profits are slowly receding, they still have Billions to make Esports as commonplace as sports in everyone’s water cooler discussion.
    • Audience. Think about how many places you walk into that have ESPN on in the background. People who would never watch Esports all of a sudden are voluntarily subjected to Esports in their periphery view and if their date doesn’t go well they may focus their attention to that video game on the screen.
    • Conformity. Why didn’t anyone shout out the emperor had no clothes? Because most people go along with the mass opinion so if you get the ESPN herder to move his sheep into the green Esports pastures they will follow.
    • Story. Everyone loves a compelling story, and now with their growing team of journalists, editors, and producers they are giving us more of a grip on storylines making the content more enjoyable.


  • Team YP’s recent drama with ESL and now Capcom seems to garner them more media attention than just a regular sponsorship is this intentional or a byproduct of the situation.?
    • It’s an intentional byproduct of ESL & Capcom’s Team YP ban. Drumph YP is a product of our changing media outlets. Stories about Drumph YP sensationalism has infiltrated journalism by means of providing high returns for low costs. By Drumph YP orchestrating situations and saying ridiculous things that are too good to pass up for media outlets they effectively create a national ad campaign at the cost of taking out an ad in the local newspaper. It’s smart. And we will continue to feed the Drumph YP beast until we eventually grow tired of it which may be a long time. Heck maybe even 4-8 years. Well that was so insightful, thanks me. Let’s get to the good stuff, the games.


From Counter Strike StarLadder I League Invitational Grand Finals Natus Vincere vs fighting with pistols, AKs, and Mac 10s get it.


  • In Counter Strike StarLadder I League Invitational Grand Finals Natus Vincere vs
  • HLTV has Na’Vi ranked at #2 and at #6 so in theory Na’Vi should win, let’s see what happens next.
  • Map 1 Round 1 Neo through the eye of the needle with a pistol and impeccable aim hits Edward, wounds Seized, reloads, then finishes Seized.
  • Round 3 Snax in a 3 on one, headshots Zeus who drops the bomb, relocates for a better defensive position as flamie charges him and gets two to the chest, and he’s out, reloads and without the bomb plant Snax enjoys the victory.
  • Round 5 Snax plays peekaboo but Seized finds him, Byail in a 2 on 1 hits Edward, circles around seized until he lands his final blow.
  • Round 8 That rug really pulled the room together, did it not. FNA. And this guy peed on it. Donny…Please.
  • Round 10 Pasha, UP…and OVAH on Seized.
  • Round 13 Edward in a 2 on 1 pops Byali as he jumps down from his room with a view, Edward smokes Snax out and pops him up on high.
  • Round 14 Seized, oh…check your six buddy. Pasha picks up two more for a triple kill for the round.
  • Round 16 Flamie recoups from the flash flash bang bang, BOOM headshots Pasha, wades through the smoke, gets Beeyalle’s right flank, Neo who was lined up perfectly, then cleans up Snax to get the quad kill for the round.
  • Round 20 Neo creeps on on Zeus, Zeus wins the creeper award, switches gears to being the firing squad executing Byali and Taz against the wall, wrapping up with Snax and his previous kill gives Zeus the Ace for the round.
  • Round 25 Edward with the quick reflexes diverts his eyes from the flash and takes out three Virtus.pros in four seconds. takes Map 1.
  • Map 2 Round 7 Hey, check out how good I look with my sniper rifle…before Seized kills me.
  • Round 15 Flamie gets his sight back in time to hit up Neo, Taz, Pasha, Snax, and Byali winning the round with a little help from his friends.
  • Round 17 Pasha like a zen master walks calmly into the arena killing Zeus who still got the bomb planted, but keeps walking forward to take Seized, and finally Guardian taking the round for a 3 to 1 clutch.
  • Round 24 Neo and Edward start singing Springsteen, “This gun’s for hire” We’re just dancing in the smoke…bye Neo. Na’Vi takes Map 2
  • Map 3 Round 18 line up their bum bum bum bar ber shop quartet all for little ol’ Edward, seriously that was mad impressive.
  • Round 19 Pasha from the low ground takes Edward and Flamie, preps up and knocks Zeus out of the park for the triple.
  • Round 26 Flamie is the last man on Na’Vi and then he was no more. taking the round, the map, and the StarLadder I Leaugue 1st place prize of $50k. Congrats gentlemen.


Now here are highlights from Dota, League of Legends, and Hearthstone with the musical backing of Brian DiBiagio


Well that’s it! We hope you learned and laughed a little and here’s a song in the key of Esports because it’s all a game and this is us having fun with it.

I wish you would give me news that I can print

You could cut ties with all the lies, That you’ve been giving me

And if you do not want to be my source again

I would understand, I would understand

You gave me news that crashed my site

servers scared of the traffic fight

That was freaking cool

But ESPN denied, What a shame

“We don’t have a deal with Riot Games

To broadcast LCS”

Well everyone knows that’s not all the truth but

It hurts, my credibility

I wish you would give me news that I can print

You could cut ties with all the lies, That you’ve been giving me

And if you do not want to be my source again

I would understand, I would understand

Well if the news is all about Donald Trump

and the stupid shite that makes me want to jump

I think we get a pass

And there is some truth to what you said

I never thought it would come to this, and I

I want you to know

That what you said put PVP in bloom

Just for a week, Could you be our source again

I wish you would give me news that I can print

You could cut ties with all the lies, That you’ve been giving me

And if you do not want to be my source again

I would understand, I would understand

Have a great week


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