Esports in a Nutshell | July 22, 2016

Tekken re-releases an old Tekken 6 character Bob Richards. Bob tells the heartwarming story of an American white man who finds his competitive advantage by purposely pushing himself to obesity by means of his exclusive Trump Steak only diet. God Bless America.

Welcome to Esports in a Nutshell I’m Mark Register.

GSL Baltics Samsung Challenge holds an Esports tournament on the Obuoliu island using only a 4G LTE wireless connection. Ballsy. Stupid but Ballsy.

Live Streaming software company XSplit acquires gamer centric social media platform & tournament management service Challonge for a total of $10MM.

Call of Duty World League Stage 2 Final winners include Team Envyus for North America, MindFreak for Australia/New Zealand, and for Europe, the new Millennium, yo excuse me Willennium.

The big winners for EVO’s event this weekend: NYChrisG wins Marvel v Capcom, SonicFox wins Mortal Kombat, Hollywood Sleep wins Killer Instinct, Ally wins Smash 4, Tonosama wins Pokkén, Saint wins Tekken, HungryBox wins Smash Melee, and Infiltration wins the big one Street Fighter.

Game developer Lima Sky announces their Esport League for their game Doodle Jump which is used by 10MM monthly active users. Lima Sky is partnering with Skillz and will use their tournament management system to organize, officiate, and broadcast their games because nothing says cut throat competition like Doodle Jump.

And now Cryptocurrency: bringing monetary value to the Cryptkeeper’s puns

Last week the Winklevoss twins’ Bitcoin cryptocurrency company Gemini invests in Echo Fox.

And this week, Breakout Gaming launches their BreakoutPvP Esports tournament platform using their Breakout Chain payment system using their Breakout Coin blockchain cryptocurrency with plans to expand into becoming the entertainment hub for fantasy pro sports & Esports, poker, casino, and game store.

Why are cryptocurrency companies getting into Esports?

Cryptocurrency is a hard sell to the average person, but Esports players and spectators are not the average person, they are tech savvy individuals who most likely already know what cryptocurrency is and probably have a few bitcoins or other forms of blockchain cryptocurrency. So sponsoring and advertising in the space is a great idea.

Now that all the big skin betting sites are going or gone there’s a huge demand for Esports betting sites in America but nowhere to go due to US legal restrictions. But cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Breakout Coin can be used anonymously from anywhere and if you really want to be safe you can launder your BitCoins using CleanCoin which makes it almost impossible to track the currency’s point of origin.

So we cut off the skin betting hydra head, and now we have a Esports betting market centered around cryptocurrency.

And now the Evolution of Competitive Gaming: ‘cause Esports you so 2000 and late.

Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional sport association announce the launch of their Esports league for 2017.

EA’s Chief Competitive Officer Peter Moore says FIFA is their number one Esports priority and will increase the frequency of FIFA tournaments and their prize pools.

Bloomberg reports three NFL teams are considering signing EA’s Madden Esport players, essentially putting a 160 pound kid at the helm of leading 1.2 metric tons of force per 11 man team.

And ESPN asks Bill Walton why he’s into Esports, he responds quote “my future is the business of sport and this is what this business of sport is all about for all of our future, the demographics, the economics, the cool participants, the technology, the science, the engineering, the competition, the arts the visual, everything on the screen, the mobile applications in the streaming compatibility with everything that’s going on…we got to witness some of the greatest champions that I have ever been close to all day long” Bill continued on to say “…” and I owe it all to Esports.”

Is Esports a niche industry or the next evolution of competitive sports?

Esports is currently a niche industry that is assimilating itself into traditional sports, resistance is futile, you will be assimilated. Competitive sports showcase naturally gifted individuals who devote their life to evolve into works of performing art in arenas pitted against each other in entertaining spectacled events. The three evolutionary steps are already in progress, evolution step one, physical sport organizations housing Esport players, there are already 8 football clubs with FIFA Esports players and the NFL will follow suit which will increase their overall audience by joining both audiences. The second evolution step: Esport games broadcasting alongside and intertwined with physical sport games, ESPN2 aired 18 hours of EVO last weekend, expect more, a lot more. The third evolution step is what we talked about last week, a hybrid physical and electronic sport using Augmented or Virtual reality. It’s here with Virtuix Omni and The Void but hasn’t scaled or matured yet. When it does it will combine the best parts of both worlds creating a new series of Hyper Reality Sports.

And now Skin Betting’s swan song: because we’re tired of talking about it.

A copy of Valve’s Cease and Desist letter makes its way to Reddit showing the 23 skin betting companies that are going down, they are going down to Chinatown.

Thiemo Bräutigam for Esports Observer gives a comprehensive timeline of the rise and fall of the skin betting industry from 2011 to today. Spoiler alert the Titanic sinks.

And Counter Strike Skin gambling site CSGO Shuffle gets hacked and skype conversations between site engineer Duhau Joris and YouTube Twitch personality James Varga “PhantomL0rd” are sent to Richard Lewis talking about getting roll results ahead of time, indicating ownership of the site, and payments. James Varga does not disclose his working relationship or potential ownership of CSGO Shuffle to his audience of 1.4MM subscribers. The accusations cause a permanent ban on his Twitch account. Richard continues to roll out these chat logs showing how the people involved managed to keep themselves hidden by means of loopholes or deception. Richard is asked why he put himself in harm’s way to deliver the underbelly of this thing, he replies “because I don’t have any skin in the game.”

What allowed this dark grey marketplace to go on for 5 years and will another scheme like this happen again in Esports?

Being under the radar allowed this to go on for 5 years. Then in comes massive amounts of money and attention to shut it down. Most everyone who knew about skin betting either participated in it or didn’t care. As Esports have been welcoming in multi Billion dollar companies into the space, things like underage gambling and well illegal gambling need to be cleared out to lift the industry into legitimacy, making everyone’s investment more valuable. Leagues like FIFA are notoriously corrupt but in Esports, you have a lot of incredibly intelligent, problem solving type people in the space that have the will and way to investigate and out wrong doers in the space. So honestly, this has the potential of being a relatively clean ecosystem as long as money keeps coming in and all the smart people don’t leave…please don’t leave. Have a great weekend.

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  1. In regards to GSL Baltics Samsung Challenge – we did hold it. 26 PC’s, live streaming in few languages and another broadcast straight to live sports TV (full two days) – all on 4G LTE. And it was a success, thank you. 😉

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