Esports in a Nutshell | July 29, 2016

Photo by Troy Gillis

G2A becomes the title sponsor for Na’Vi & Virtus Pro renaming the teams Na’Vi.G2a & VP.G2A, could we please do that with politicians?

Welcome to Esports in a Nutshell I’m Mark Register.

Fnatic & TSM launch their Overwatch divisions because all the cool kids are doing it.

Riot Games previews their new Heads up Display for League of Legends leading their design with a KISS.

Bell is named the title sponsor for the Canadian League of Gamers 2016 season and Northern Arena. Bell Esports, has a nice ring to it.

Immortals do a retro Underwear commercial for Me Undies…guys, doing underwear commercials is kind of embarrassing…you don’t see sports stars doing it.

3rd Street Gamers have their third annual Starcraft II tournament “Cheesadelphia” It was cheesy.

Shaq sends a tweet to Overwatch player Seagull and his teammates, saying quote “Time to step it up to the NRG family, we would love to have you all on board. Come on ova for breakfast we can all eat Luminosity’s favorite food, poached eggs.”

Clash Royale Shanghai sifts through their pool of 100k people entering their tournament bringing it down to their final eight and declare Mingshen the winner of the largest mobile Esports prize…$58k for first place. And with it Activision Blizzard’s email servers break from their 93MM daily Candy Crushers requesting a tournament so they can have a monetary excuse of why they play so much Candy Crush.

WME | IMG & Turner’s ELeague start their second Esport league, Overwatch Open, with a $300k prize pool partnering with FaceIt to run the 1st leg of the tournament online, wrapping it up September 30th broadcasting the Grand Finals on TBS. Turner, breaking the stereotype that traditional broadcasters move slowly…just slow down enough so we can watch the first match.

A 28 year old man is being charged with 5 years in prison and a quarter million dollar fine for threatening Blizzard employees and Heroes of the Storm Players on Facebook, saying he would quote “bomb the new york twin towers,” “shoot up an elementary school,” and “pay [Blizzard] a visit with an AK47” It was just a big misunderstanding as Stephen thought he was on 4chan not Facebook and didn’t go through the proper filtering process of Reddit and Buzzfeed before entering Facebook.

Steve Olenski from Forbes explains that CMO’s should invest in Esports as the Esports viewer is a desirable target…a 31 year old male with an average household income of $61k. For all those Chief Marketing Officers who want in…help me help you spend all of your money.

Rob Lineker owner of Call of Duty Tournament Organizer, Doesplay, evaporates tens of thousands of dollars of player prize money in an amazing magic trick…I’m sorry Illusion but as the “forget me nots” wear off disgruntled players launch a “Doesn’t Pay” website showing how long it’s been since Rob fulfilled prize winnings. Adam Campbell was brought on as Doesplay’s business development manager which entailed shelling out $8k to pay Rob’s debts. Given Rob has disappeared without a trace, it proves that Rob’s just a chicken…Ca, ca, caw.

International Esports Federation partners up with Alibaba Sports Group to endorse World Electronic Sports Games series with $5.5MM in prize pools, take actions to get Esports recognized as sports by actions like submitting paperwork to become an Olympic sport, create unique content, and plans to build Esports stadiums in China. IESF says Alibaba Sports has invested over $150MM into Esports, when asked where that money went specifically, they respond with, “you know…Esports stuff.”

Jaunt releases the first episode of their Esports documentary series in Virtual reality centered around CLG’s journey into the 2016 Intel Extreme Masters World tournament. Excellent work Jaunt, the first few minutes were great with longer takes allowing the viewer to experience being there, but when there are too many cuts, you disconnect the viewer with the experience and make it nauseating as the viewer looks around to acclimate to the new space. But please keep making them, they are great! As a rule of thumb, the length of each scene before a cut should last as long as a bathroom session after eating a chipotle burrito. Have a great week.

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