Do FPS Games Encourage Gun Violence?

ProSieben cancels the broadcast of ELeague’s finals in response to the Munich shootings last week.

Was it the right move to cancel the broadcast and do first person shooters encourage gun violence?

It was a thoughtful move made out of respect for the families, friends, and community affected by the attack. Another respectful action could be starting the German broadcast with an acknowledgment of what happened, expressing sorrow and giving a moment of silence followed by a reminder that these games are just that, games meant to bring joy and people together.

Do violent games like First Person Shooters promote gun violence? It’s a complex issue. If so…do we ban Mein Kampf? Most countries involved in WWII have. What about Catcher in the Rye…or Eminem…or Dave Brubeck’s – Take Five, described by one mass shooter in his final note as being the greatest song ever created?

Mass killings are increasing worldwide and we desperately want to make the pain and sadness go away but it’s important to see this as a symptom. As we treat the symptom we also need to trace the symptom back to the problem or problems that led to this now common occurrence and work on them in earnest. So let’s focus our efforts on the game that is causing the most pain and suffering Pokemon Go.

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