Why PPV Works Well For Esports


Blizzcon offers a Virtual Ticket for their event November 4 – 5 for $40 bucks available online and through DirectTV. The ticket will allow you to stream developer panels, interviews, contests, and replays. It’s like Blizzcon is in your computer, it’s so simple.

Will Esports move into a Pay Per View model?

All events will largely remain free online or through traditional broadcasts offering behind the scenes and alternate feeds through other platforms like Facebook & Twitter but delivery of a curated virtual reality EXPERIENCE is a premium that people willing to spend $800 for a VR headset are going to jump at. Think about it, you get the best seat, and experience in the house for let’s say $40 or less. Not bad. The world we live in…content is largely free with ads and if you put some elbow grease in you can get anything for free without ads. But there’s a growing culture of people supporting their favorite brands by paying that extra something that makes them feel closer to that brand or feel like they are directly supporting it. As long as that pool of people who want to support their favorite bands with money grows, the Pay Per View model will work well.

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