Esports in a Nutshell | August 5, 2016

Overwatch joins the Dota, Rocket League, and Counter Strike family by adding lootcrates with Rio Olympic skins for purchase including the official Rio Olympics biohazard suit.

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Ninja’s in Pajaymas & H2K launch their Overwatch divisions

Counter Logic Gaming wins first place of the $225k prize pool in the Halo 5 Proleague Summer Finals.

Kinguin sponsors ESL Pro League’s $750k prize pool, just when you thought key resellers were out, they pull us back in

Shaq is a regular Alec Baldwin exercising his ABCs…Always be Closing by bringing on Luminosity’s recently released Overwatch team using his tweeter abilities.

James Harding starts a Kickstarter to develop FPS game “Diabotical” with The GD Studio. Gabe Newell can’t wait to sell it on Steam.

Lupe Fiasco gets an Evil Geniuses jersey which is available to buy and renames his twitter account EG|Lupe Fiasco…The Beast Slayer.

Football clubs Lisbon and Wolfsburg hold the first Esports match played between traditional sport teams pitting Salzor v Quinzas or at least they are telling us it’s their first time.

German football club FC Bayern Munich partners up with FIFA developer Electronic Arts and will scan all of their players faces so you can really see their faces as they sell an injury on the field.

Brazilian football player Wendell Lira retires at 27 as videogames are better for his health…given his injuries. That’s right a European football legend retires to play videogames as it’s better for his health. (mic drop)

Ultimate Media Ventures, producers of MLG Columbus, are producing the monthly “Battle on the Strip” Esports tournament at the SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino this month. Not to be confused with any of the Stripping events going on in the city.

Microsoft’s Gears of War pairs up with Activision owned Major League Gaming and GFinity to host a tournament spread over 10 months starting in November. The prize pool will be $1M or what Bill Gates makes in 45 minutes.

Chris Badawi does a Reddit IAMA kicking off his description of himself as the greatest and worst villain/hero in League of Legends history being twice banned by Riot Games. Martin shkreli files a motion against his claim.

Dan Petro creates a Smash Brothers Melee AI Bot called SmashBot and is working on a new program that enables machine learning to learn how to play the game through reinforcement learning which involves getting smashed on the regs.

Paypal asks for legal assurances for payments associated with Esport tournament websites to see if they are tied to gambling. After that, Gfinity switches payment systems. Looks like FTC Santa is coming because everyone is watching out and trying not to cry as they clean up dirty ties but one little Unikrn Elf was singing a different tune (Santa’s coming!)

Quake pro player Thresh is inducted to the Esports Hall of Fame after retiring from a career making $100k a year in endorsements, winning a Ferrari, starting and selling Xfire to Viacom for $102M, then becomes the CEO for a gameplay sharing service company & software development company Raptr Inc. Giving gamers a permanent talking point when explaining to their family and friends why they should play video games all day everyday.

The Esports Advertising Bureau launches with board members Turner, Twitch, MLG, and Madison Square Garden Company. The Bureau hopes to acclimate marketing executives to the space so they can invest with confidence, because Esports is good enough, smart enough, and doggonit 18 – 34 year old males like them.

Travis Gafford Talks explains how organizations like Team Liquid are gaming the LCS system by creating challenger teams, filling their roster with A team players with the hopes to obtain a LCS spot then sell it off for $1.5M or more. If you want to make money there are other ways like, step 1 steal underpants, step 2, step 3 profit.

ELeague Counter Strike wraps up season one of their tournament with Virtus Pro winning first place and $390k while Fnatic took second and $140k. A lot of flashy viewership numbers are thrown around but a concrete number to look at… 3.4M new unique viewers primarily in the 18 – 34 Male demographic or the prefered nomenclature “the sausage fest demographic.”

Valve’s Dota 2 The International 2016 tournament is broadcasting in Virtual Reality using their Dota 2 VR Hub allowing you to toggle between watching as a spectator in the physical arena or from the battlefield of the game. You can watch in the VR theater with up to 15 people and walk around in the space interacting with your friends using your avatar and voice chat or if you don’t have friends 15 virtual Wilsons.

IBTimes reports – Australian senator Nick Xenophon proposes legislation to require clear warning signs for game gambling sites and ban them from the country. Nick says children are being quote “groomed to gamble” through games like CSGO & Dota by targeting them. Unfortunately Nick’s argument falls flat as there is no grooming in CSGO & Dota. Have a great week.

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