Are There Too Many CSGO Tournaments?

Valve announces they will reduce the number of Valve run Major Tournaments from three to two while Valve’s CSGO player Olofmeister in an interview with Slingshot says there are too many LAN tournaments effectively becoming the baseball of Esports.

Are there too many Counter Strike tournaments?

Yes but we need that many right now. ESL, Faceit, MLG, DreamHack, ESEA, YMCA…those are just some of the big ones not including the medium and smaller tournaments that are everywhere. But having all these tournaments allow for a diverse revenue stream for Esport organizations. Many have complained about Dota prize pools like The International only allowing for the top 8 teams to operate at a profit. But with Counter Strike, if you keep your overhead low and your sights steady, you can build up your audience by playing these smaller and midsize tournaments which can bankroll your team and keep extending your runway until you build your fan base to the point of finding other revenue streams like sponsors.

Will this hot mess of tournaments all over the place continue for a while?

Yes but like how MTG bought up ESL, ESEA, and DreamHack there will be more consolidation of tournaments making scheduling for organizations less of a nightmare than it is now.

The tiers of league play will continue to be more defined like baseball: pickup games, A, AA for the drinkers, AAA, and the Majors which are already in place in Esports. Consolidation through buy outs, tournament organizers communicating with each other, and most importantly tournament organizers working with Esports organizations will create more order to the scheduling chaos.

On the other end of the spectrum, the League of Legends tournament schedule is well planned out by Riot because they control the league and the IP of their game tightly. The problem with that is, it’s difficult to break into the scene and now effectively costs a minimum of $1.5M to buy a LCS spot or start a challenger team from scratch and build them up enough to grab an LCS spot.

Which makes you kind of glad if you’re trying to start an Esports organization that there are too many Counter Strike tournaments.

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