Why is Twitter getting into Esports…should they?

Twitter broadcasts Turner’s ELeague finals saying to Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube, anything you can do I can do better.

Why is Twitter getting into Esports? Should they?

Because there’s money to be made and they should because they can more effectively reach a different audience than Twitch or Facebook.

Content should be delivered where the customer wants it delivered. If you delivered my amazon package to my next door neighbor’s house all the time, I’d get the package but it’d be annoying or I’d never find out about it if I didn’t know my neighbor and he was an A hole. There’s a big audience on Twitter that may not want to go to Twitch or Facebook and or don’t have friends to tell them about what’s going on in Esports so Twitter is now delivering straight to their door.

It doesn’t really cost them much as they’re just rebroadcasting, not building a studio and production from scratch like Turner ELeague. So if they get positive vibes from their audience they may start investing more in developing their own production but most likely they will continue to be the tool to access existing productions more easily. And maybe it’s best for Twitch to just remain being a big tool.

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