Esports Nutshell News | August 16, 2016

Welcome to Esports in a Nutshell Live, giving you the breaking news in Esports then opening up the conversation to you guys in the twitch chat… Let’s kick it off

  • Epic Games’ MOBA Paragon releases their beta for PC & Playstation
  • Esports Observer reports Gaming agency Loto-Quebec launches a legal betting platform
  • NextVR raises another $80M adding up to a total investment of $116M to broadcast live events in full virtual reality. With investors including Comcast & Time Warner. So far NextVR has booked live music broadcasts with Live Nation, a 5 year contract with Fox Sports, the US Open, Kentucky Derby, and Daytona 500 which in order to get the full experience of those last two events it’s required that you get piss drunk midday.


Playstation announces their Hori Tac Pro Keypad and mouse for their Playstation console on sale for $150 starting November 5th.

How much longer until the line between console and PC goes away?

Let’s give it three years max. Playstation is actually late to the party. Valve has been selling pre built PCs in a console housing using their own Operating System SteamOS. But it’s Windows 10 who’s really leading the charge. All Windows 10 games run on PC and Xbox One right now. The ultimate line eraser between PC & Consoles are companies like Alienware making pre built PCs in a console housing running Windows 10 & HiveMind allowing you to use it as a computer or a gaming console. The user interface and switching between the two will be smoothed out over time and when that happens… paired with the ability to swap out your In/Out gear from a steam controller, keyboard & mouse, or a fightpad the lines between console gaming and PC gaming will be gone and the only question for developers and gamers will be how the user will control the game, keyboard & mouse, controller, wii U like remotes, or just motion capture which teenage boys will dominate the competitive scene with their their superior rapid hand movement abilities.


Fnatic, the best Counter Strike organization in the world… statistically speaking, finds themselves at an amicable crossroads breakup, working with Esports organization GODSENT, to help Flusha, JW, and Krimz transition into their new team Godsent under captain & founder of Godsent, Pronax… who also happens to be a former teammate. Fnatic brings Wenton off the JV bench and welcomes Lekr0 and Twist from Godsent. The former roster had a fantastic three year run but as JW says quote “Our results have not been satisfying to all of us lately and I guess you can say that these internal pressures test friendships, unfortunately we did not pass that test. What we achieved over the years together can only be described as amazing, with some of the most enjoyable moments of my life… Thank you to all who’ve been a part of that journey.” For a 5 minute overview of Fnatic’s full history since 2004 watch the What is Fnatic video in the Esports Education playlist.

So what happened to Fnatic’s Flusha, JW, & Krimz?

When you’re in the pressure cooker of an Esports team for three years you become close like family. But like family sometimes you need some space, but when that’s not possible breaking points occur. And that’s… ok… listen Flusha, JW, and Krimz love you all very much and that will never change, but what will change is they’re going to go live with GODSENT now and live in sin, and that’s fine because that’s what they want and they’re allowed to live in sin if that’s what they really want, and they do… that’s what they want, a very sinful life with their new hussy Godsent but that’s fine… who wants ice cream?

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