Andy Dinh & Marc Merrill Fight Over Patches & Player Salaries

TSM owner Andy Dinh Reginald and Riot co-founder Marc Merrill get in an online spat over player treatment, and mid season patch changes.

In an interview with The Score Andy says “Our team is working 34% more than other teams so they got burnt out at the end.”

“A lot of my players practice 10 – 12 hours a day, and all of their hard work goes away.”

“From a player & owner standpoint, I said it was discouraging because they spend their entire lives and most their time practicing and essentially within a second without any notice at all the whole entire game changes.”

“I think that’s a big reason why you see a lot of player burnout and why players’ careers are so short…”

“It’s absolutely F’ing ridiculous because you have to think about it from a player’s standpoint, the patch changes completely change the way the competitive scene is played, it’s more fun for sure, it encourages more team fights, it makes the game more exciting, at the same time on a competitive side it actually removes a lot of the strategic value that our players have spent time practicing on…I sound pretty salty and I probably am.”

Riot co-founder Marc Merrill responds to Andy’s interview in the League subreddit saying “Love me some Regi but… “ which sounds a lot like, hey would you like sewer rat for dinner? Love me some sewer rat but…

Marc went on to actually say “If Reginald is so concerned about the financial health of his players, maybe he should spend some more of the millions he has made / makes from League of Legends on paying them instead of investing in other Esports where he is losing money…”

Which Marc later changed his dig at Andy to “We don’t fault team owners for investing in other eSports – it’s a rational thing from their perspective.”

“We have always been concerned about player compensation…hence why we subsidized team salaries to create minimums.”

“One of the challenges is when these profits from League are then allocated to other non-League games instead of continuing to invest in the scene and their players.”

“This then impacts the second point, stability for players. The team owners are well positioned to help address that part and Riot can’t and shouldn’t do it alone.”

“Re: patch timing, [I] agree we need to be cognizant of it and that last year’s timing for the juggernaut update was suboptimal (ok, let’s call it terrible timing).”

“This year though, we intentionally prioritized game health and viewer experience over the ability for teams / coaches to field ‘safer’ comps by lane swapping.”

“Coaches / owners are complaining about it because it makes it harder for them to hide certain line up / skill deficits they may have on their rosters.” Oh by the way here’s some neosporin for that burn.

Andy, Marc, it’s time for a counseling session.

Andy, pay your top players a better market price and ease up on your 12 hour workdays, that’s why you have player burnout not because of the patches.

Marc thank you for subsidizing team salaries, we are grateful for it, aren’t we Andy.

Marc, have a Riot PR employee edit what you say before you post it, you run a multi billion dollar company, act accordingly.

Andy, change the way you practice so your team is more adaptable to the game changes, because those changes as you said make the game more enjoyable for the people watching… Yes it’s difficult but a happy growing audience means more money for you.

Marc, relax with the mid season patches, hold off an extra month and make life a lot easier for the teams helping you sell in game purchases.

We can pick up the topic of franchising in our next session.

Andy, Marc, let’s hug it out, doesn’t that feel better?

Host: Mark Register

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