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  • Richard Lewis shows that Jens Hilgers has financial ties to Esports Observer, G2, ESL, and Fnatic.
  • Yahoo partners with ESL for two years to develop new competitions, provide live coverage, and distribution of their live broadcasts.
  • Wang Sicong’s Banana Plan media company announces a pan Pacific Overwatch championship with a $250k prize pool with competing teams from China, Japan, South Korea, and North America culminating October 16th.
  • Eight Brazilian Esports teams get together to form the Brazilian Esports Clubs Association to promote professionalism and a be a unified voice when needed to negotiate with tournament organizers, sponsors, and broadcast networks. Sponsors will now be able to do a blanket sponsorship across all teams if desired.
  • Law Firm Jones Ward files a class action lawsuit against James Varga PhantomL0rd for allegations of online gambling and underage gambling. The firm also filed class action lawsuits against Valve, CSGO Lotto, OPSkins, CSGO Shuffle, Trevor Martin, and Thomas Cassell ProSyndicate. And before that, the firm also fought against Draft Kings & FanDuel. Rut row.
  • Riot threatens to fine Team SoloMid unless they take down a video on their personal YouTube channel promoting the game Raw Data, that uses the VR headset HTC Vive. Riot provides a financial stipend for teams in their league but that money comes at a price as they are using that as leverage to get TSM to remove the videos as the video advertises a competing game. HTC says they weren’t advertising the game rather just the headset HTC Vive, as HTC foot the bill for the ad not the developer of Raw Data. HTC requests that Riot write out clear guidelines on what is prohibited to avoid further confusion.
  • After a week full of issues like this – Andy had this to say to his fellow LCS owners then ended with a message to Marc Merrill – Now you do what they told you, now you’re under control

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