Esports Nutshell News | September 2, 2016

  • StarCraft legend Lim Yo-hwan Boxer spends $450k to buy all the equipment his wife Kim Ga-yeon needed to get her new Esports team SlayerS house started. Boxer says “It wasn’t an investment, but rather, the best I could do for a person that I love.” At which point every woman’s’ heart melts followed by asking their gamer boyfriend, “what have you done for me lately?”

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  • Naruscope’s Esports and Casino Resorts conference in October is offering $50k for the best Esports startup pitch.
  • English Producer Musician JME works with Gfinity & Hype Management to create “Serious” a series of video game events.
  • CD Projekt developers of The Witcher game announce the hearthstone like game in The Witcher game, Gwent, will now become a stand alone title.
  • Collegiate StarLeague cancels their Overwatch & Hearthstone competitions due to conflicting schedules with Blizzard events.
  • Blizzard announces their Facebook Live streaming integration is up and running starting with Overwatch so now you can launch Overwatch hit some checkboxes and live stream to Facebook.
  • Twitch buys Good Game Agency December 2014, last week Alex Garfield leaves Twitch, and this week Twitch announces GGA is shut down. The teams under it’s umbrella see most of their players leave for other teams outside GGA’s umbrella including Sumail Hassan who previously said he wanted to stay with EG.
  • Genvid Technologies raises $1.5M to launch their Esports Livestream Broadcast platform allowing users to toggle between camera angles and control the camera as well, using Unreal Tournament 2016 Alpha’s engine.
  • NextVR broadcasts Bundesliga’s opening match in Virtual Reality in partnership with FOX Sports.
  • League of Legends team HUMA fails to pay their players on time since last August and is banned from Riot sanctioned leagues and must sell their LCS spot in one month. HUMA’s owner Behdad Jaafarian is banned from Riot’s League for 1 year.
  • Sky Sports announcer Chris Kamara jumps on as a shoutcaster for Call of Duty to bring a spotlight to Activision’s Call of Duty XP Tournament with a $2M prize pool.
  • Most every Chinese Dota team drops their rosters at the same time, they have to recruit their new rosters by September 18th in time for Valve’s roster lock.
  • British Telecommunications files a federal lawsuit against Valve for infringing against 4 patents, specifically on storage of third party video games, broadcasting, chat, and message features.
  • Multi game tournament Collegiate Colosseum announces a $100k prize pool in scholarships and prizes for college students December 19 – 21 in Las Vegas.
  • EHome launches their Overwatch division and it’s CoEd with 17 year old Zarya who is so good other pro players accused her of cheating.
  • China’s World Electronic Sports Games announce a $3.7M prize pool spread over Counter Strike, Dota, Hearthstone, and StarCraft culminating in Shanghai this December.
  • forum gets hacked with 1.5M accounts and passwords, IP addresses, and emails due to a weakness in their MD5 security algorithm which also was hacked in 2012 when LinkedIn’s 6.4M users got hacked.
  • Chinese esports platform Wangyudashi brings in $23M in a series A round which owns an Esports internet cafe payment platform. The money will go towards Tournaments & Esports Competition Engines.
  • Valve updates their Trade and Gift Policy so if you gifted a game to an account that received a VAC ban you can’t gift the game anymore which kills the scheme of stockpiling cheap keys from sales then gifting them to yourself on another account then cheating. If caught you will receive a virtual pumpkin for consumption.

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