Whalen Rozelle Blamed for Riot’s Broken Tournament System

James Chen sets fire to his Riot bridges in hopes to illuminate the Riot Esports Capital City previously shrouded in a fog of war.

James with help from his anonymous vision totems, suggests a potential cause of all of Riot’s Esports problems… Riot’s Director of Esports Whalen Rozelle.

James brings up that the problem starts from good beginnings as co-founders Brandon Beck & Marc Merrill make themselves available to all employees creating a casual environment which leads to an emphasis on fraternizing, turning the corporate and political hierarchy into a social one.

Brandon Beck’s brother Dustin is put in charge of developing Riot’s Esports division but he’s in over his head. Enter Whalen Rozelle a mobile/web developer with no tournament organization experience who becomes close friends with Dustin and ends up taking over the role.

Since Whalen’s rise to the position, sources say, Whalen Rozelle only communicates to team owners every 6 months; Whalen does not speak to experts in sports & Esports tournament organizations for advice; Whalen is allowing the sales and marketing team to atrophy; and has a summoner’s rift with Riot’s Esports Business Development Director Jarred Kennedy stifling growth in monetization through sponsorships & broadcast rights creating a bottleneck for potential Esports revenue.

Why would James Chen intentionally put himself at risk of a libel case to write this article?

Because doing so can land him in the Esports Journalist hall of fame positioning himself as a trusted journalist in Esports.

Another reason, a lot of people are trying make constructive changes in the Riot Esports tournament system by means of bringing transparency to the opaque situation, and James Chen saw the opportunity to be the conduit for those people who want to make this space better for everyone by placing vision wards in the heart of the problem.

Before you grab your pitchforks and torches to take down Whalen Rozelle, let’s use this information to dig for more information and leverage this new information to push for more communication with the leaders involved.

Because like they say in Thailand, you must investigate through communication and thorough investigation to find the answer you’re looking for. But most likely it’s a boy.

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