How to Lengthen your Esports Career

As individual Esports games’ player base and audience ebb and flow, how can an Esports player stand the test of time?

If you can’t be the best at your game… become a major league player in a Real Time Strategy game then get good at learning the newest and most popular game so that as Esports evolves you evolve with it.

It’s important to focus on a Real Time Strategy games because you are developing your mechanics of navigating through maps and battles and quickly adapting your strategy on the fly which is the most difficult to master. Once you develop those skills it’s a lot easier to transfer them to any other MOBA, FPS, Fighting, and Card Game. You won’t be the best but if you can qualify into tournaments you can bring your audience wherever you go.

Michael Jordan, Tim Tebow, and Bo Jackson all started with one of the most mechanically demanding sports Football & Basketball then moved to a less mechanically demanding sport, baseball. They weren’t as good but it lengthened their careers and their fans followed them.

You already have players crossing into other games but as Esports continues to iterate quickly we will have a new group of crossover players who are the Michael Jordans of their respected game then move into becoming their equivalent of the Michael Jordan of Baseball.

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