Jens Hilgers Cuts Fnatic Ties in Riot Ruling

Riot Games rules that Jens Hilgers who is a minority stakeholder in G2 Esports is in violation of their LCS Team Participation Agreement by providing a loan to Fnatic’s parent company Sannpa Ltd. which would turn into equity if they defaulted on the loan. Jens says he will work with Riot & Fnatic to resolve the loan.

Is Riot overly aggressive with their rules?

We’re more aware of their aggressive rule making and enforcing because Riot is quite transparent with their rulings, and posts them for the public to see and pick apart, which we do with great vigor. So are they aggressive yes… they need to be. But making and enforcing rules is a difficult balancing act and sometimes balance is lost as we’ve seen over the last few weeks and year. Riot doesn’t always make the right decisions.

We saw things get pretty ugly with Riot enforcing rules on the LA Renegades and Team Dragon Knights but… mind you it’s a two way street, it takes two to tango.

But this latest ruling seems pretty reasonable. Jens Hilgers & Riot gave their matter of fact sides to the story, the history, conflict, and resolution.

Wow, that’s it? No one wants to declare a social media and Reddit war on each other using passive aggressive manipulative statements? Guys what am I going to talk about now, two reasonable parties came together over a conflict and resolved it amicably showing the rest of Esports how it’s done by example. Ugh.

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