Picking Esports Casters up off the Street

Millennial Esports’ CEO Alex Igelman converts Las Vegas movie theater / nightclub Neonopolis into an Esports Arena. Alex says “We’re looking to build a caster experience where someone can come in off the street and be able to cast a game that’s going on in our facility or online and learn how to do some casting, and then they’ll be able to record it and stream it,” & Esports Championship Series launches their Community Caster Challenge encouraging amateur casters to cast their games with a chance to host the ECS Season 2 matches in the IMG London FaceIt studio.

Can anyone come in off the street and be able to cast a game?

Absolutely. Will they do it well? Absolutely not. Like any craft, casting a competitive game well means trial by fire, doing it over and over again until the difference between your worst and best performance is indistinguishable by the public. Which is why jumping into the casting seat and failing is a great thing and you can either pay for that experience at Millennial Esports facility in Las Vegas or you can do it for free in the ECS Community Caster Challenge. But it’s not just the act of casting the game it’s also the homework. Casters are like icebergs, 90% of the job is unseen and that’s the homework of watching matches, reading about players, teams, and all aspects of the game itself. So get out there, fail a lot but don’t forget to do the other 90%… the homework otherwise you can join Matt Lauer in the time out corner.

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