Tespa Forces CSL to Stop Their Collegiate Overwatch & Hearthstone Leagues

Blizzard gears up to launch year long collegiate leagues for Overwatch & Hearthstone under their Tespa division. In response, Collegiate StarLeague drops its Overwatch and Hearthstone tournaments for next year.

What effect will this have on the the top teams playing Blizzard titles?

By Blizzard Activision, by way of MLG & Tespa, running year long tournaments for their College and Pro Divisions, they effectively lock in the top tier teams at the pro and college level. Which is great for Blizzard because every event they hold is going to draw a great crowd because they will always have the best teams playing.

This does lock them out of playing in many other tournaments like StarLeague.

It has the potential of being great for the teams IF Blizzard compensates those teams at a better rate than they would be making playing a slew of different 3rd party tournaments.

And as long as teams are given freedom to explore new revenue streams and or are included in taking a cut of the tournament’s profits, then all Leagues under MLG & Tespa will flourish.

Another reason this is great for teams… they’re only coordinating their schedules with one organization not ten.

Which is how Valve’s CSGO is run, or rather not run. Valve’s CSGO tournament system is a laissez faire system with tournaments like ELeauge, ESL, MLG, Valve, FaceIt, and many more making it difficult to schedule and regulate the leagues for a consistent experience which is why we have all of these third party entities coming into the space like ESIC, WESA, and others saying “let me govern your unstructured system.”

So having Blizzard Activision MLG Tespa running as the central tournament structure for all their titles is good as long as Blizzard makes it financially worthwhile for teams involved through stipends, spread out prize pools, and flexibility with new revenue streams or a cut of the tournament revenue.

And as for Collegiate StarLeague? Thanks for spending 7 years on growing the college Esports scene… but we’ll just take it from here, thanks.

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